Jack Reacher Is NOT 5’7″ Tall!!

I am not reviewing the Jack Reacher series of books. No. I only review books that are free to everyone. Lee Child’s series is not free, in fact they’re pretty pricey. I never cared. I started with paperbacks a long time ago. Later, when I bought my first Kindle, I started buying them again as soon as they were available. I’ve loved Jack Reacher for a long, long time. He’s a nice man, a loner who doesn’t bother anyone unless they mess with him. And fools do mess with him. Why? Because no one can miss him. He’s instantly recognizable because he…is…huge! 6’5″, and 240 pounds of pure bad…ass!! Anything bad that happens, they always blame the big guy, the stranger. So, I’m talking about the movies.img_1454A few years ago I got a little hooked on a series called Strike Back. An American and a British agent working together with a team to fight terrorism all over Africa and the Middle East, starring Stapleton Sullivan and Philip Winchester. I liked this series a lot, but what resonated for me was how I always saw Philip Winchester as Jack Reacher!

img_1453Just look at him! He’s magnificent! At 6’2″, Philip isn’t quite the size of Jack Reacher, but he’s close! He has the strength and the look. He is the absolute picture of billy-bad-ass!

Is this who is playing Jack Reacher in One Shot? Nope. How about some of the other tall actors, like Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth? Nope, not them either.

img_1451What we get instead is 5’7″ Tom Cruise. Really? Yep. Since he was a very young actor, his co-stars have had to slump and slouch to make Tom appear taller. It’s not that I don’t like Tom Cruise, he’s a fine actor. But I just can’t see him as MY Jack Reacher!

img_1452If you’ve never read the Reacher series, forming a strong mental image, you’ll probably enjoy the Reacher movie just fine. If you’ve done neither, I would recommend the books. Lee Child is a talented author who can keep your interest through many years. I doubt the movies will hold up as well. Jack Reacher is not 5’7″ tall.



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