Seal Investigations (5 Book Set)

img_1479Author: Lola Silverman

Note: All five books are free on Kindle Unlimited.  They download as a single unit.




Seal Commander Alexander Trapp’s little sister, Rachel, has been kidnapped.  Her roommate, Cassidy, saw it happen but couldn’t stop it.  Alex is deployed overseas and can’t get to her. Instead, he sends his best Seal team to find her.


My original intention was to post a short review of each book, but I decided it would be too long and repetitive.  I liked this series.  There’s a lot of sex, sometimes very early in the book.  The thing is, you see, that this is a really good story about a group of people who, through different routes, are all trying to find the missing young women caught up in a human trafficking ring.  The sexy hook-ups, while well enough written, are almost gratuitous.  Sex sells, or so they say.  The story would have stood nicely, better in my opinion, if the sex had been…less.  Those who know me know that I don’t shy away from a sexy story, so I don’t say this lightly.  It a very good story, so grab this series while you can and…


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