A Gift Of Time (The Nine Minutes Trilogy, Book 3)

Author: Beth Flynn

Type: Romance, Christian Romance

Note: This Book is not free, it was borrowed from a friend.


Review: Very Spoilerish

For two books, Grizz manipulated, schemed and connived to make everything in his world work out to his satisfaction, especially his relationship with Kit/Ginny.  In this book, he barely had a presence until around the half-way point.  And then, he just sort of laid back and waited for something to happen. Just waited.  He seemed like a completely different person…a different character. I didn’t like the new, improved Grizz.  He was just boring old James.  Waiting.  The old Grizz showed up a time or two, but it was fleeting.

Meanwhile, Ginny was mourning, and praying.  Lots of praying.  She finally contacts her old, favorite nun who has retired, looking for answers, and she finds several clues from another retired nun who just “happens” to have been there when Grizz was born.  Divine intervention, or just a short cut for an author who can’t figure out how to tie up the loose ends? There were several of those, including the meanest character, who was behind most of the bad things that happen to Grizz and Kit, suddenly losing her mind, confessing, saying she’s sorry…blah, blah…and avoiding forcing Grizz to avenge himself and Kit and, subsequently, falling out of grace. We don’t want the new and improved James/Grizz reverting to the character we adored in the first two books, now do we?  Or at least the author didn’t.  Sheesh.  He should have just killed the bitch.

If you love romance all tied up in a neat little bow, and don’t really care that the author used God to tie up everything for her, this book will deliver nicely.  If, like me, you prefer a tightly plotted story with rational explanations, you might want to skip this one.

There are hints from the author that she will write a spin-off series.  While I know she can be a great story-teller, Nine Minutes is one of the best books I read in ages, I just hope…please…either tag it as faith-based, Christian romance (so we understand that God and prayer will solve all the tricky plot holes), or write more believable endings.

Compared to Nine Minutes, this book was…



  1. YES! I knew there was something else I thought was left undone……….”They”……what happened to them? Surely they didn’t just go away. But I also thought that he couldn’t continue to live that lifestyle when he was supposed to be dead and ‘they’ would most likely keep some sort of watch on him. But mostly I think that he wanted a family and he wanted to be the man that Kit wanted him to be. Oh and I think the waiting that he did when he was free was because he knew he had manipulated her whole life and he didn’t want to do that any more. He wanted/needed it to be her choice because it wasn’t just her life but her kids too.


    1. More good points! Maybe we’ll get more answers in her spin-off series.


  2. This response might contain spoilers!! I think that so much time had passed and people can absolutely change during that kind of time. I think he grew up a lot and knew that the ‘old’ Grizz would never be a ‘family man’ and I think he really wanted that. He couldn’t go out torturing and killing people for looking at him the wrong way and then go home to his wife and kids. I loved the old Grizz but I liked the new one too. I totally agree about the nun thing. That was a little too convenient. And I thought the meanest character got off way too easy. I wanted to know more about what happened to Blue, where he ended up. I didn’t find it too christian-y. I really didn’t even notice all the references to God/praying. I remember her praying and being in the Sunday school room but I guess the rest of it went right over my head. lol


    1. Good points! First, I don’t object to Kit’s Christianity. It was very clear in the first two books that she was a devout Christian. I object to what, in my opinion, was the author’s attemp to use prayer and God as a quick way to conviently tie up some problems. The “time” issue, is interesting, and you may be right, but he was pretty brutal and manipulation his entire time in prison, or I thought so. I missed Blue, too. I would also have liked to know more about the “they” who controlled him for so long. Thank you so much for responding. It’s nice to see other well thought out opinions.


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