My Secret Bodyguard (4 Book Series)

Author: S.K. Lee

Type: Romantic Suspense

Note: Series is free on Kindle Unlimited.


This boxset includes: Forbidden Loyalty, Damaged Loyalty, Blind Loyalty and Eternal Loyalty.

Kate’s life has never been normal. As the daughter of billionaire Carl Milton, she’s always been at risk. However, nothing serious has ever happened to her in 22 years. Until now.
When she meets Sean for the first time, she knows she’s in trouble: he’s hot, mysterious and has been hired to be her bodyguard. But why?
Between business meetings, ambiguous stares, confused feelings, wild motorbike rides, car chases and sweaty boxing sessions, her life will take a new turn and become more exciting than ever.
Along the way, she will slowly get to know the man who’s in charge of her protection. What she will discover will take her down a road of danger, lust, forbidden desire, revenge and broken dreams.

NOTE: contains adult scenes.


Somewhere inside a whole lot of words is buried a pretty good story, so why did I say “maybe, maybe not?”  I’ll tell you why.

First, its romance, so there is bound to be sex, right?  Right!  I thought I was reading a screenplay for hardcore porn.  If that’s your thing, you will be enchanted.  It’s not mine.  Not that I don’t enjoy a good bit of sex in a romance, but I prefer that it is with a lot more feeling and a little less graphics!  Ewww…there are some things I would rather not have stuck in my head.  If you are the tiniest bit twitchy about reading sex scenes, you should not even consider this one.  I feel like I took a bullet for the team so I could give you that information.  You’re welcome.  I’m a real giver.

Second, and this one is harder.  This book is written in first person, present tense, which can be tricky.  When done well, it’s my favorite style, like reading a mystery inside a mystery, because we only know what is happening from the protagonist’s point of view.  When done poorly, it can obscure and confuse the story.  It was a problem for me from the beginning.

Third…I had a hard time liking Kate.  I knew all along that this book is new adult, which I mostly avoid, so some of my problem might be my own fault, but I didn’t like Kate very much. She spends a lot of time bemoaning the fact that the public and the paparazzi think she’s a spoiled,  rich brat, coddled by her billionaire father. I thought so too.  She’s only 22 years old, but I know teenagers that are more mature.

This all sounds like I didn’t like this series, but I did.  It won’t ever go on my re-read list, but it was pretty good.  Just because I had some issues, doesn’t mean you will.  If this sounds like something you might enjoy, pick up your free copy and…


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