Never Love An Outlaw: Deadly Pistols MC Romance

Author: Nicole Snow

Note: This book and the next two in the series are free on Kindle Unlimited.

Type: Biker erotic romance



I enjoyed this book.  I have to say it’s not the best biker story I’ve read.  Not the best romance, either. It is, however, very good erotica, if you’re into that.

Meg is a wild, 22 year old.  She wanders away from a party and is kidnapped by a pimp.  She is held in a whorehouse for six months, so there is a lot a pretty dirty sex talk.  But, the sexy erotica only starts after Meg is rescued by Skin, from the Deadly Pistols MC.

I’m not a fan of erotica, but this one had enough emotion that it felt sincere and never got to the point of being so explicit that I wanted to skip pages. The sex scenes were well done and had a level of intimacy that you don’t always find in erotic romance.

I’m also not a fan of new adult romance, and I was certainly not a fan of the choices Meg made that led her into a personal disaster.  But I wound up liking her a lot.  She had a rough time for several months. I was happy to see her find happiness.  So, pick up your free copy and…


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