Sweet Dreams (Jack Dillon Dublin Tale Book 2)

Author: Patrick Emmett (psst..it’s really Mike Faricy!)

Note: This book is free on Kindle Unlimited!

Type: Funny cop drama!


Book Blurb:


It’s official: U.S. Marshal Jack Dillon is temporarily on loan to the Garda Síochána Special Detective Unit, helping to smoke out the Russian crime boss responsible for the murders of two of their own in a shoot-out at the airport. Jack was wounded in the gun battle, but he did bring down down three mobsters. He’s definitely on the mend now, as his sexy nurse Lin will attest – with a big smile.

In this action-packed sequel to Welcome, the first humorous Dublin Tale by Patrick Emmett, (Dev Haskell author Mike Faricy’s Irish alter ego), one of the mob families has sworn revenge. And so, with a price on Jack’s head, the Garda uses him to bait a trap for the bad guys.

Emmett’s (Faricy’s) funny charm shows up in the good-natured joshing among Jack and the new Irish friends who’re protecting him. With round-the-clock security and a dog for protection – how could he screw this up, right? He will – with style and humor.

Hint: like his American cousin Dev, Jack has a tendency to take his eye off the bad guy to admire a beautiful lady. And under certain circumstances, a whole roomful of Russian mobsters might be less dangerous to him than one pretty face and figure.

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of Dev Haskell and rascals like him. Also for fans of Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, Lee Child, strong Minnesota men – especially when transplanted to Ireland, and drinkers of Guinness everywhere.


Marshall Dillon is back, recovering from the gunshot wound from the previous book.  When the story opens, he’s still in the hospital with the nursing staff, one nurse in particular, giving him a hand in “recovering”.  Ahem…

When his new friends in the Garda set him up as bait to catch the Russian mobsters that are trying to kill him, the fun begins. From an apartment in Dublin, where he meets his new best friend, Lucifer, a hairy, little black dog that belonged to the previous tenant, to a country “safe house”, Jack tries to help catch an assassin while avoiding caching a bullet!

This is a fun adventure with fun characters and just enough suspense to keep you guessing.  Don’t forget that there is a link at the back of the book to enter to win a free Kindle Fire.  Pick up your copy now for a great read and a chance to replace that old Kindle!


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