Author: Gina Wohlsdorf

Book from NetGalley and publisher

Type: Scary as hell mystery/suspense


Book Blurb:

Manderley Resort is a gleaming, new twenty-story hotel on the California coast. It’s about to open its doors, and the world–at least those with the means to afford it–will be welcomed into a palace of opulence and unparalleled security. But someone is determined that Manderley will never open. The staff has no idea that their every move is being watched, and over the next twelve hours they will be killed off, one by one.

Writing in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, and with a deep bow to Daphne du Maurier, author Gina Wohlsdorf pairs narrative ingenuity and razor-wire prose with quick twists, sharp turns, and gasp-inducing terror. Security is grand guignol storytelling at its very best.

A shocking thriller, a brilliant narrative puzzle, and a multifaceted love story unlike any other, Security marks the debut of a fearless and gifted writer.


I read this book several months ago.  I was between blogs at the time, and never wrote the review, but I have never forgotten a single thing. This story is unique, in my experience.  I’ve never read anything quite like it. It took me a few pages to get into the rapid scene changes, but once I did?  It was engrossing.  Gripping.

A “watcher” is narrating everything that happens.  It’s pretty darn creepy.  Sometimes we hear the “watched” and sometime we don’t, we only know where they are and what they’re doing.  Some of what the “watcher” sees and tells us is brutal.  Gory.  Horrifying. Some of it is sexy. Some very sweet.

Ms. Wohlsdorf has made a fan girl of me. Her unique style had me mesmerized, and I stayed up way too late, finding out that reading a scary story…alone…in the dark…is no easier now than it was when I was a kid hiding from the monster in the closet or under the bed!  Yikes!

If you think you’re brave enough for a scream a minute book, I dare you to pick up a copy now and…





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