Mirror, Mirror

Author: Patrick Emmett (It’s really Mike Faricy!)

Note: This book is free on Kindle Unlimited!

Type: Mystery/suspense with a lot of laughs!

Reviewer: 2shay



Book Blurb:


In the third action-packed Dublin Tale by Patrick Emmett (Mike Faricy’s Irish alter ego), dashing detective Jack Dillon, formerly of the US Marshals, is still detailed to a special detective unit in Dublin, Ireland. American ingenuity (on both sides of the law) meets Irish tough guys (also on both sides of the law) in this humorous international mystery, to deliver hard-boiled crime fiction at its funniest!

When an armored truck is robbed at a small airport outside of Dublin, one of the thugs hired to guard it is killed. Enter Jack – because the job looks exactly like the work of an American criminal he escorted to jail a couple of years back. But the surviving eyewitness says the shooter was an old lady. Things just don’t add up.

Jack had better put the pieces together quickly because it turns out the dead thug was the brother of local crime boss Eamon Dunne, and Dunne looks ready to tear Dublin apart to get vengeance. Jack’s friend with benefits, Abbey, is not the girl you’d take home to mama, but she has very useful connections who could help Jack out – if only he would connect. When he finally does, will it be too late? Jack, pick up the phone!

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of Dev Haskell and rascals like him. Also for fans of Robert B. Parker, Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, Lee Child, strong Minnesota men – especially when transplanted to Ireland, and drinkers of Guinness everywhere.


“‘Ey, ye feckers!”

That’s an Irish greeting meaning, “why hello my lovely friends and followers!”, or something like that!  Heehee!  I love that word!  Feck…feck…feckers! You’ll see a lot of that as Marshall Dillon rides across Dublin to solve another crime. The Irish call everyone a fecker.  Such sweet people!  They’re a riot in this third Jack Dillon mystery.

Jack has to solve the crime before a very bad man kills the key witness!  It’s a race to a very fun conclusion. The humor in this story would make a fantastic TV series. Some comments are roll on the floor funny, while still solving a serious crime.

Don’t forget that all three of the first books in this series has an entry for a free Kindle Fire at the back of the book!  Get all three free on Kindle Unlimited and…



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