The Woman Who Knew Too Much: A Nora Baron Thriller

Author: Tom Savage
Book from NetGalley and publisher
Type: Mystery/Suspense
Reviewer: 2shay


Release Date: March 28, 2017

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Book Blurb:

Nora Baron is back! When the CIA helps a defecting Russian actress in Venice, the op turns deadly in this white-knuckle thriller from the bestselling author of Mrs. John Doe—proving once again that, in the words of James Patterson, “Tom Savage knows the mystery novel inside and out.”

Galina Rostova, the hot new star of Moscow’s theater scene—and mistress to a powerful Russian general—has reached out to the CIA. In exchange for information vital to U.S. security, she requests asylum in America. The Company’s top pick for the mission is Nora Baron. The wife of a CIA operative, this Long Island mother and drama teacher has proven to be an asset in the field before. And as an actress herself, her cover will be convincing.

Disguised as a television news host, Nora heads to Venice, Italy, where Rostova is appearing in Chekhov’s The Seagull. As the cameras roll during their mock interview, the starlet will make her escape—or at least that’s the plan. But when the defection goes off-script, the two women are on the run from Russian agents. And when a snowstorm buries Venice, clogging the streets, waterways, and airport, the stage is set for tragedy—with several lives at risk of a final curtain.


My first adventure with Tom Savage was through the beautiful island of St. Thomas in his novel, A Penny For The Hangman. Then, he drug me, willingly, all over England and France in a mad attempt to help my new friend, Nora Barron, try to find out what had happened to her husband, Jeff.

Nora, former well know actress and current drama instructor, is back. This time, instead of stumbling into a CIA operation accidentally, she is recruited by her husband’s boss, Hamilton Green…Ham to Nora but still Mr. Green to Jeff. The easy familiarity between Nora and Jeff’s boss was fun for me, possibly a little annoying to Jeff.

In this book author Tom Savage took me through the canals and back alleys of Vienna as Nora and her co-opted team of co-conspirators tries to help Galina Rostova find a safe way to escape her team of Russian overseers. Galina has secrets important to the security of The United States. Those aren’t her only secrets. Nora and her team keep running into details that aren’t quite right. The big surprise for Nora was that her husband, Jeff, had joined the operation without her knowledge. She wasn’t upset or particularly surprised when Jeff showed up, he is protective and completely in love with Nora.

I have to say a few words about Jeff. He’s 53 years old and HOT!  A picture of male perfection, and he’s all Nora’s! You have to love those gorgeous, alpha-males who are smitten by their wives. It makes them twice, thrice, a million times more…everything! Perfection.

I don’t believe I know a single person who wouldn’t love this book. I don’t believe I know a single person who wouldn’t love this author! This book stands alone nicely, but I would recommend reading Mrs. John Doe first. Mrs. John Doe is a great read, you’ll love it, too. Whether you choose to read this one alone or read them in order, get you copy now and…


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  1. Umm — this one sounds interesting. I love a suspense and a more mature lead male is tempting.


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