Silver Bullet (Jack Dillon, Dublin Tale 4)

Author: Patrick Emmett (Mike Faricy’s Irish Alter Ego)

Type: Mystery/Suspense

This book is free on Kindle Unlimited 

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 4 Stars


IN SILVER BULLET MARSHAL JACK DILLON IS SUMMONED BACK TO WORK BEFORE HIS TIME OFF HAS BARELY BEGUN…THREATENING TO RUIN JACK’S RELATIONSHIP WITH SEXY NURSE LIN BEFORE IT EVEN BEGINS. In the fourth action-packed Dublin Tale by Patrick Emmett (Mike Faricy’s Irish alter ego). US Marshal Jack Dillon is still detailed to a special detective unit in Dublin, Ireland. Once the son of a US Senator is found shot to death Marshal Jack Dillon has barely begun the first of his promised three days off in over two and a half weeks when he’s summoned back to work. Hard-boiled crime fiction at its craziest! They’ve got a body, a bullet, a name and not much more. As the case slowly begins to develop everything seems to point to want-to-be rock star and the lead singer in the local Dublin rock band Jynx, a guy named Enda Murray. But as Marshal Jack Dillon knows; Assumption isn’t proof of anything.


Cock blocked! Dillon gets an unwelcome call just as he and Lin, the pretty nurse he met in book 2, I think, are just about to start an evening of debauchery! Lol…! Poor Dillon. He is…ahem…frustrated as he abandons a lovely woman to rush to a murder scene.

And off he goes into another murder investigation with his great side-kick characters in tow. This case is tough, with little evidence and few clues. Marshall Dillon’s only hope is to track down all the musicians that rock-star wannabe, Kevin Fitzwilliam, met and played gigs with before becoming a victim. Jack spends day and night running all over the Temple Bar district, a place I would love to visit, trying to find anyone who knew his victim. Poor man. It must be a terrible trial to visit very great bar in Dublin. My sympathies were entirely with Lucifer, his little black dog, that was alone and cranky while Dillon was busy.

I have truly enjoyed this series. It’s fun from book one, page one and never disappoints. This may be my favorite book in the series. It’s hard to quantify because I’ve enjoyed them all. This series is free on Kindle Unlimited, so there’s no reason not to grab your copies and…





  1. This review makes me think of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I will check it out. I love fun books.


  2. I haven’t read this author and love everything Irish. Thanks for the great review……checking the series on Kindle unlimited……..


    1. It’s a kick! Great adventures with a lot of fun.


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