THE MINDF*CK SERIES (5-part serial)


TYPE:  Contemporary Dark Romantic Suspense

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REVIEWED BY:  Pistol Annie

RATING:  5 Wickedly Addictive Stars

Warning:  This book contains elements that some readers may consider emotional triggers. For mature audiences only. Explicit sex, violence, and language.

RISK (#1)

Any demon is capable of cruelty, but only an angel is majestic enough to rain down vengeance for the innocent.–Marcus Myers, Lana’s brother

Holy Crap!  This debut five-part serial (all five installments available) by S. T. Abby is one that I can almost promise is sure to shock and twist your innards.  After you’ve finished the first installment, you’ll know that one is never going to be enough.  Totally had me gasping and sighing and I couldn’t even begin to take a break until I had read the last word. It is gruesomely amazing, and I never could have imagined the wild ride I was just beginning.  Going in very tentatively and not sure what to expect, I got one helluva surprise package. Believe me, if you’re looking for a mind-blowing and soul-shattering reading experience, look no further. This one’ll do it!

Logan Bennett, FBI agent extraordinaire, heads up a criminal profiling unit covering the worst of the worst murder cases.  His job pretty much owns him and he lives by the book.  That is, until he meets a beauty named Lana in a rather comical first encounter – and his world spins out of control.

Lana Myers is a perfect example of the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”  What you see and what you get are sometimes miles apart.  Lana hides more secrets than you can imagine.  She has experienced true evil up close and personal.  And she knows all too well that the legal system fails good people.  Even though Lana has chosen to retaliate in such cruel and shocking ways, it would still be unexpected if you didn’t feel both horrified and sympathetic.  She and her family suffered unimaginable and horrific pain, agony and losses at the hands of evil monsters. She once was a loving daughter, sister and friend.  She once was a happy and well-loved girl before the monsters took it all away.  And left her what she is now — a serial killer.

Cliffhanger ahead.



But they`re looking for a monster. Not a girl who loves red. Not a girl who is falling in love. Not a girl who died ten years ago.–Lana Myers

Don’t ask why, but as I started reading this installment, the words to an oldie but goodie song popped into my head.  “If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.”  LOL – I might be feeling a bit wicked for enjoying this grizzly thriller too much.  Nah, not bad enough to stop me though — I’ll pray for salvation later.

Lana’s back and more determined than ever to complete her tour of revenge. I was mindboggled – yet cheering her on (shamefully somewhat, but still yet). The dark and twisted shock value is off-the-charts.  But I’m really mesmerized by Lana’s strong determination and intelligence.  She is ruthless and dead set on completing her mission.  On the other hand, she’s a beautiful, kind and loving and protective person.  She finds herself taking chances to be with Logan whenever she can.  He is her sanity in an otherwise very disturbed world.  Unbeknownst to Logan, Lana is taking care of her own special brand of business when she’s not with him.  She’s helped in one of his cases to identify the Boogeyman, even though he’s escaped and now his additional threats are very close and personal.

Lana has wrapped herself around Logan’s heart.  He’s fascinated by her and feels protective of her.  He craves each minute of time that he can spend with her.  The sex between this couple is fast and furious.  He knows that she’s hiding bits and pieces of herself from him.  He only hopes that she’ll trust him enough one day to share the details.  These personal blips on his radar may soon cause slip ups in his career.

I’ve surrendered and am following this psychotic thriller to the very end.



To defeat a monster, you have to be twice as monstrous.  To love a monster, you have to share your soul.–Lana Myers

OMG – not for the squeamish! This is graphically shocking and addictive, bloody and gruesome.  And emotionally unraveling!

Lana and Logan are falling for each other — but is it really love? With Jake’s help, Lana is hurriedly moving forward with her nightmarish kill schedule. But when the Boogeyman pays a visit to Lana, someone else is a little too close and hears too much. How will this to play out for Lana? Vengeance is an ugly job. It’s hard not to feel compassion for Lana. Her protectiveness of Logan adds another layer of danger for her.  And poor Logan — how is he going to work this all out according to the mindset of rules he lives by.  Will Lady Justice turn a blind eye, or will her scales of justice proceed according to the laws of the land?

Everything about this series is gut wrenching and horridly graphic. Somehow — and I can’t explain it — the blood and guts doesn’t outrage me nearly as much as what Lana’s past holds.

And yes, there is another cliffhanger.



The time for secrets is over.  Tell my story.  Save your soul.—Scarlett Angel

Returning to the town where this nightmare began, the pace picks up and the stakes are high.  Logan must face a nemesis of his own when the FBI agent that originally worked this case is back on the scene.  The endgame is fast approaching as Lana and Jake return to the streets filled with painful and life changing nightmares.  Suddenly the scenes are dominated with red as the final steps begin.  The names on Lana’s list are quickly crossed off.  The law is corrupt, the citizens are captives, and secrets and lies are exposed in the most merciless ways.

Will this be the end for Lana and Logan? Logan is a right-or-wrong-black-or-white kinda guy.  No gray areas.  How can Lana ever make him understand her motives when the truths are unveiled? And just as Logan thinks he’s heard all the facts of the situation regarding Lana’s masterfully crafted murdering spree, is it really the full truth and nothing but the truth, or is there another major factor about to be revealed?

Geez — another powerful and sad cliffhanger.  Four down and one to go – and I have a feeling deep in my soul that installment five is going to wreck me!



By that sin, fell the angels.—William Shakespeare

Bring in the wrecking crew — the endgame is now upon us.  Logan only thinks he’s is aware of the whole shebang — until the full truth hits him in the face.  Yep, there’s still another shocking twist that takes Logan to his knees, hoping he can right a wrong with Lana before it’s too late. Lana and Jake’s plans are going gangbusters. The town of Delaney Grove is in the path of a raging storm of wrath and destruction that no one expects or sees coming. I’m not giving any details — you gotta read this one. It’s wickedly terrorizing. And maybe – well most likely – a bit OTT. But done so well. Great work by an author with quite a powerful imagination.

Tonight, the ghosts and gobblins come out.  Among the trick or treaters will be a broken young woman in costume carrying a power saw seeking justice of her own.  Her partner in revenge and best friend, Jake, has her back every step of the way.  At the end of the night’s pursuits, Logan and Lana’s chance at a HEA seem slim to none.  One thing is for sure — the reign of fire has arrived and it cuts to the quick.




With the skill of a seasoned writer, this debuting author intricately weaves a complex and meticulously plotted storyline.  From the very start it sucks you in like a strong current and holds you captive until its final secrets surface.  Never have I read a series that earned its title so effectively!  Geez, it was one of the best – in possibly the worst ways.  You can bet S. T. Abby is on my author radar now!

I can’t even believe or begin to explain how this level of grizzly, mindboggling, gory blood and guts story is now among the best and darkest romantic suspense I’ve ever read. After spending a weekend in the middle of murder and mayhem, my mind was completely wiped out from the frazzling pace of this haunting stunner. And though it’s hard to admit — I loved every minute of it!  I won’t be forgetting this trip to the dark side anytime soon. And I’m looking forward to reading S. T. Abby’s next series. Hoping that a release date will soon be posted.

Logan Bennett is a super hero in my opinion.  Lana is such a multi-faceted personality – an enigma that is hard to explain, but a perfect anti-heroine.  I truly loved them both.  Together they made a perfectly imperfect pair. And the supporting cast, extra kudos to Jake and Hadley, is among the very best in the book world.

And lest we forget, this is also a deeply emotional love story.  The relationship pairing an FBI agent with a female serial killer is a bit out of the norm, and one that most likely catches the attention of many readers.  At first, it feels a bit on the verge of being the love at first sight variety, but as I read on, it became more a soul-searching, need-based, all rolled into heart-wrenching and heartwarming – and even a little humorous, as well. These characters are well-developed with the call for maybe one little tweak.  Throughout this series, I wished for some additional details about Logan’s earlier years to more fully explain how he got from there to here.

After reading this edgy and provocative series, anyone with a strong moral compass will most likely be tied in knots and torn between right and wrong.  And that DIE-NA-MITE Epilogue won’t help a bit!








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  1. Awesome review! I agree 100%! I loved this serial too.


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