Author: Cassie Mae

Type: Romance

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Release date April 4, 2017

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Reviewed by 2shay    Rating: 3 Stars

Review…Guilty angst. Lots of guilty angst.

I finished this book several days ago, but I have delayed writing a review because I just don’t know what to say. This is unusual for me. It’s more common for me to not know when to stop. This book left me speechless…and wordless.

I wavered between 2 Stars and 4 Stars, and there are spoilers below.

This book is very nicely written…good flow and progression. The author is obviously very talented, but I got really tired of the guilt wracked potential lovers constantly…constantly…thinking about betraying a lost love, a lost friend. The book could have been much shorter if even part of that had been edited out. Then it could have been lengthened if some major questions had been answered. Why would the heroine of this story spend three miserable days on a train instead of hopping on a plane? Was she afraid to fly? Would the airlines not allow human remains in the passenger area? Why? There is no answer in the book. Three days on a train? That’s a long trip. Where was she coming from and where was she going? If the story ever says, I missed it in the jumble of guilty, emotional angst.

Still, this story had its moments. The landscape is beautifully depicted, and the characters are well drawn and interesting. As I said earlier, the author is talented, which is why I bumped it up to three stars. To get 4 stars, from me, a book has to be one that I want to reread…to get 5 stars, I would flip back to page one and reread immediately. I think that this book would be a wonderful read for anyone who has lost a love, that special one of a kind love, that you think will never happen again. A second chance at love. If that is something that would fit you, pick up a copy today and…




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