Worth The Fall (The McKinney Brothers, Book 1)

Author: Claudia Connor

Type: Contemporary Romance

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Reviewed by Pat

Rating: 5 Stars and then some!

Review of a remarkable book…….

A very handsome man meeting a beautiful woman on a beach in summer, spending a week together, and not wanting to part is a good story. But the fact is, Ms. Connor has changed up the story a bit. A very handsome man, who is a Navy SEAL, walking on the beach gets hit with a football thrown by a very adorable little boy. Stopping to talk, he sees a beautiful petite woman, her four children and she is six months pregnant!

Matt McKinney is on medical leave killing time till his next mission. His cousin Rob convinces him to take a drive to the beach where Rob has a “sure thing.” Her name is Brittney and her friend’s name is Kimmi. Kimmi likes to get drunk and pour herself all over him. He was bored, despite her mini bikini and her fake breasts. So, he takes that walk on the beach. It turns out to be the walk that changes his life.

Abby is a beautiful young woman who has suffered great losses. No one ever sticks around. She had been placed in multiple foster homes, and the husband she thought she loved was never around, except to get her pregnant. Then he died in a plane crash six months ago, there is not much different in her life, she adores her children, they give meaning to her life and she knows no one will ever stay. But tall, dark and gorgeous Matt seems to want to be a part of their lives. Can she trust him?

This extraordinary novel brought me to tears. The honesty of the characters, the wonderful families involved and Abby so afraid to hope. The children were amazing, I fell a little in love with all of them. Despite her disastrous childhood and marriage, Abby slowly accepts Matt into her and her children’s world. Matt makes promises he swears he will keep, he never breaks promises. But then there’s one that destroys the courage Abby has finally found.
I finished this book in one day, I cried and laughed my way from beginning to end. In writing this review I ended up reading this heart grabbing novel again. I can’t say enough wonderful words about this book. Read it and discover its beauty for yourself.

This is the first novel I read by Claudia Connor……re-read multiple times and have the audio!

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  1. Nice review, Pat! I really enjoyed this one as well — the kiddos just made it that much better.


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