Hard Justice, A Body Armor Novel

Author: Lori Foster

Type: Romantic Suspense (a complete story, no cliffhanger)

Book Purchased By Reviewer.

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Reviewer: Tonya

Rating: 5 Stars

Heat Level 3


HARD JUSTICE is the 2nd book in Lori Foster’s new series, Body Armor. It’s about former MMA fighters becoming bodyguards. We met Justice in the first book and I was so excited to see that his was the 2nd book. He is fairly new to the job but he’s proven over and over that he’s great at what he does. Because of a tragic accident in the past, Fallon Wade’s parents are very protective of their daughter, who also happens to be an heiress. But now she is 24 years old and she’s tired of not living her life. She’s been sheltered and is pretty innocent of the ways of the world. So her parents decide to hire a bodyguard to watch over her while she goes out to live her life. The first thing Fallon wants to do is go to a bar and drink beer because she’s never done that before……that’s how sheltered she’s been. And of course there is an immediate attraction between them but with her being a client, she’s off limits. Or so he thinks. Fallon has some issues of her own that has her holding back. There’s also the fact that Justice, with his fauxhawk, scruffy beard, nose that’s obviously been broken too many times and former MMA fighter, is not exactly what Fallon’s parents, especially her father, had in mind for their heiress daughter. Eventually things start to happen……vandalism, accidents, cars following them, things like that. Minor things, but big enough to have Justice concerned and bringing in reinforcements. This is where we get to see some of the characters from previous books. I always enjoy catching up with people from other books. Justice has to find a way to allow Fallon to keep experiencing life while keeping her safe and finding out where the threats are coming from. She’s lived with her parents overprotective ways for so long and she’s not about to let Justice do the same. It’s not easy for him because his only concern is keeping Fallon safe and eliminating the threat. I really enjoyed this book. There’s romance, suspense and some awesome secondary characters. As I’ve said before you cannot go wrong with a Lori Foster book. Besides this one, she has quite a few other series but all of her books are standalones, each with its own hero and heroine and HEA ending.

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