Somebody’s Baby: A Darling, VT Novel

Author: Donna Alward

Type: Contemporary Romance

ARC provided by the publisher and Net Galley

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Reviewed by Pat

Rating: 3.5 Stars



I enjoy reading romances centered around veterinarians and pets. This story seemed perfect. A young very handsome vet has an encounter with his best friends younger sister, all grown up and beautiful. Can he get past the big brother feelings?

Oaklee Collier is the town of Darling, Vermont’s Social Media director. Not an event goes on that she doesn’t attend or tweet about. Inside she hides a broken heart. In college, the man she loved, left her at the altar in Vegas, and she has never been able to forget the pain and embarrassment. Driving late at night (texting!) she hits something with her car and realizes to her horror it’s a dog. She scoops him up and carries him to Dr. Rory Gallagher the town vet.

Rory lives above the office and immediately starts treating the dog, to Oaklee’s relief. Oaklee has always had a crush on Rory, but his reputation as a serial dater kind of turns her off. Rory fell in love with a woman in Vet school who had a young son. He grew to love the child as much as the mom, so when she walked away it devastated him. Rory and Oaklee are not going to get involved, no relationship, no strings, despite their attraction to each other, at least that is their plan.

This is where the story lost me. After getting to know Oaklee, she seems pretty self-centered. The more Oaklee and Rory are attracted and moving towards deeper feelings, one of them backs away…..repeatedly. When they finally slept together, and talked about their pasts, Oaklee still woke up in the morning totally closed off. There was plenty of story left, but it was a see saw of her emotions. I finally skipped to the end to make sure there was a HEA. I would certainly read something else by this author, but this book just wasn’t the right one for me.

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