Wild Rose (The Late Bloomers Series)

Author: Betsy Talbot 

Type: Romance

Arc provided by the author and publisher

Reviewer: Pat

Rating: 5 Stars


This is the first book in what looks to be an amazing series. Five women, friends since infancy have a bond no one can break. Their mothers were close friends and named all their first-born girls flower names ; Rose, Violet, Lilly, Daisy and Ivy. They became known as The Bloomers. Their friendship is the one stable thing in all their lives. Now, all these women are in their forties and need each other more than ever, now known as The Late Bloomers. Rose is a single mom with a successful landscaping business, whose daughter has gone to Italy for a break before college. Suddenly, Rose receives a picture of Rachel with her new boss in an Italian eatery. Rose is sure he is a middle-aged beast preying on her precious child! Her best friends insist she go to Italy to check the situation out, and Rachel (her daughter) would love for her to visit.

When Rose arrives in Varenna, Italy she is ready to do battle with Mateo, the co-owner of the restaurant, who is a former architect from Spain. Rachel quickly convinces her Mateo is her boss and looks out for her, nothing more. Now, Rose really looks at him….charming, handsome, a perfect gentleman. She has decided she will really enjoy this trip. Mateo is equally fascinated by Rose and tries his best to convince her of his interest. The food, wine and scenery will make your mouth water and warm your heart. Rose is meanwhile texting her friends, and receiving their encouragement to finally have a chance for a romantic relationship. Oh, how romantic it is! Until his partners from Spain arrive and ruin her dream.

I loved this story. It will definitely be on my favorites list for 2015. For me, it was reading a beautiful love story about a couple in their forties. The secondary characters were delightful as well. Best of all, it had an HEA. The next in the series English Ivy, is due to be released in July. I can’t wait! I highly recommend this series to all who believe love has no age limit!

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