Fanfiction Floozy talks… Fiona Davenport books.

Oh come on! Did you really think I only read Fanfiction?

A few months ago, I purchased
I’m Yours, Baby: A Yeah, Baby Novella
from Amazon. It had an interesting blurb, and I couldn’t pass it up. Then, like any person who becomes obsessed after reading a FANTASTIC book, I went and read EVERY SINGLE THING written by this author.

Yeah yeah I’m crazy, I know this.

Anywho.. One book turned into two, two books turned into five, five books turned into fifteen.. I’m sure you get the picture.

Like I said..

Just when I thought I’d have to wait forever for a new book, I woke up to find a NEW RELEASE! Yeah baby! Of course, I snatched that book right up and read till it was finished.

From This Day Forward: A Sex & Vow Novella

 It was amazing. Just like ALL the other books I’ve read from this author.

Description: Quinn Evans knew Jenna Davis was the woman for him the moment he spotted her. Five years, a stint in the military, and the longest engagement in the history of mankind hasn’t changed his mind.

It’s a good thing there are only three months to go until their wedding because he’s about ready to toss her over his shoulder for a quick ceremony at the courthouse. But when she turns up missing, all bets are off as he races the clock to rescue his bride… and their unborn child.

Fiona Davenports books are a mix between Insta-love, Suspense, Pregnancies, and Sizzling HOT sex. All my favorites!!

Go! Go look right now!


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