Drawn To The Wolves

Author: Shari Mikels

Type: Paranormal Romance

Book From Carina Press and NetGalley

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Release date May 22, 2017

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 3 Stars


The pack’s alpha has finally found his fated mate…and she’s terrified of wolves.

Wolf shifter Callan Mohan has a powerful connection to his pack. As alpha, he can sense if something is wrong—and when he feels panic coming from an unknown source, his instincts tell him she’s someone to be protected at all costs.

Rescuing a stranger from an unexpected confrontation with two wolf shifters is easy. Helping her move from fear to acceptance of the animals—and him—is a challenge.

Kate Ballard’s attraction to her mysterious rescuer is instant. That she falls for Callan so quickly isn’t surprising—his strong, confident presence puts her at ease, and the strange connection she has to him makes her feel safe almost immediately. He’s the man she didn’t know she was waiting for.

It’s only a matter of time before Callan has to tell Kate the truth. And find out, once and for all, if her love for him is enough to overcome her fear.

This book is approximately 30,000 words

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This is a sweet read. Of course, with the Carina Press romance guarantee, you can always expect an HEA/HFN. This one delivers nicely.

I haven’t read this author before, but this looks like it could develop into a series. I hope! Besides the main characters, Callan and Kate, there is a wealth of interesting side characters that sound like future topics of their own books.

Ms. Mikel’s style is crisp and exceptionally readable. Kate’s fear of wolves is well explained and emotional. Kate is a talented artist with a special “gift”, that makes her entry into Callan’s world special and necessary. Their instant attraction is based on Callan recognizing her as his “mate” immediately. I thought the inevitable conflict and resolution that is a must in romance was just a little contrived, but it worked out just fine.

What I would really love to see is a lot more backstory on Callan and his pack, his parents and their history. I love the wolfies, and this could shape up to be a wonderful series. Grab your copy now and…



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  1. Nicely done review! I’m not a paranormal reader – with the exception of the infamous BDB series, and I only read those on a challenge.


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