When Things Got Hot In Texas/ Junkyard Cowboy

Author: Christi Craig

Type: Western Romance Anthology by five best-selling authors!

Arc provided by the author 

Release date June 5, 2017

Available at Amazon

Reviewed by 2shay Rating: 5 LOL Stars 🤣


I am trying to keep a straight face as I write this review. Trying hard. It’s difficult. This is a serious story. A hit man is trying to kill Jennifer Peterson to stop her from testifying in a child abuse case against a slimy, scumbag she reported for hurting his step-child. Serious, right? Yes it is.

But, as soon as I met Jennifer for the first time she was describing her best friends as “more supportive than a new pair of Spanks”! And I laughed and didn’t stop as they talked about men and Jennifer’s new requirements for the perfect life partner! Her friends are just as delightful as Jennifer. I loved them!

And then, when Jennifer is being chased by “big, bald Bad Guy”, the hit man intent on murder, she runs straight into a remote junkyard office and is rescued by a buck-ass naked, straight from the shower…Clay. Sigh…big sigh. And more laughs! Dang! Jennifer and Clay could have both been killed! Instead, the very witty Ms. Craig had me laughing my butt off once again!

I don’t want to leave the impression that this story is just about the laughs. Both Jennifer and Clay have some serious emotional baggage to deal with. Neither is ready for any type of relationship, plus the problem of someone wanting Jennifer dead. It really is a serious story! And there is a cool old guy with an equally cool dog. There are horses and cows and an old farm house. And a sweet slow burn while Clay and Jennifer are pretty much trapped together while she hides from a killer.

You have to trust me on this. I have given away no real spoilers, just, hopefully, a feel for the story. Maybe I have given you incentive to try this book. If I had to be stranded on a desert island with just one other person, I would choose Christi Craig! I would die laughing long before I could starve to death!




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