When Things Got Hot In Texas/ Cowboy Karma

Author: Laura Drake

Type: Western Romance Anthology by five best-selling authors!

Arc provided by the author

Release date June 5, 2017

Available at Amazon

Reviewed by Tonya

Rating: 4 Stars 🤠🤠🤠🤠

Meet the author, Laura Drake


COWBOY KARMA is a novella in the WHEN THINGS GET HOT anthology. It’s western romance stories by 5 different authors. Personally, I love anthologies because it’s a great way to check out authors I haven’t read yet.

Steadman James (Stead) is a bull rider that is on his ‘apology tour.’ After waking up in the hospital from a riding accident he felt like a different man and decided he needed to right some past wrongs. That’s how we meet Harper Taylor (Harp). And she’s not about to forgive him so easily. He’s got to prove himself to her……..after she finally decides to give him a second chance. They both have their issues with trust and I enjoyed seeing them work through that. Stead not only has to win over the girl but also her father and some other important people to her and he’s up for the challenge. He wants to show her that he’s a changed man. Harper is a teacher and loves her job so she’s not able to go on the road with Stead. Besides that she wants to stay in El Paso…….it’s home to her. However, Stead has never had a home, never settled in one place. It was nice to see them find a solution that made them both happy.

I really enjoyed this story. It’s pretty short but I didn’t feel cheated and it didn’t feel rushed. It was a complete story. I’m hoping that Ace, Stead’s best friend since childhood, has his own story. The way they met is interesting. I’d like to learn more about that. I enjoyed this author’s storytelling and will definitely check out more of her books!


  1. Thank you so much, Tonya – I never thought about a story for Ace – great idea!


    1. My pleasure. I really enjoyed COWBOY KARMA. I would be interested to see what happens to Ace since Stead is settling down.


  2. Nicely done, Tonya! I really like anthologies to have on hand when time is sparse and I just need a quick reading fix.


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