Days Made Of Glass

Author: Laura Drake

Type: Romance

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Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 5 Stars…I wish it could be BIGGER! So, I’ll add an A+ and a fist bump!

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…a fascinating woman, talented author and motorcycle enthusiast.


Book Blurb……….

Shared blood defines a family, but spilled blood can too.

Harlie Cooper raised her sister, Angel, even before their mother died. When their guardian is killed in a fire, rather than be separated by Social Services, they run. Life in off the grid in L.A. isn’t easy, but worse, there’s something wrong with Angel.

Harlie walks in to find their apartment scattered with shattered glass and Angel, a bloody rag doll in a corner. The doctor orders institutionalization in a state facility. Harlie’s not leaving her sister in that human warehouse. But something better takes money. Lots of it.

When a rep from the Pro Bull Riding Circuit suggests she train as a bullfighter, rescuing downed cowboys from their rampaging charges, she can’t let the fact that she’d be the first woman to attempt this stop her. Angel is depending on her.

It’s not just the danger and taking on a man’s career that challenges Harlie. She must learn to trust–her partner as well as herself, and learn to let go of what’s not hers to save.

A story of family and friendship, trust and truth.


I don’t know where to start to praise this novel, so I’ll start at the beginning…the title. If there has ever been a better title in the history of literature, I would have to challenge that claim. Days Made Of Glass has no competition for perfectly reflecting the content of this book. Crashing through the glass ceiling of a “men only” profession. Knowing our very fragile bodies can shatter in an instant. Breaking our own self images in a mirror and seeing the magic, the promise that others see in us. This story is all that and more.

Harlie Cooper and her younger sister, Angel, had an awful childhood, the kind that breaks people. A life with an inattentive mother who brought men into and out of their lives on a regular basis. And then her mother died leaving them in the care of the latest man in her life, a man who dies, too. In a fire. Harlie grabs her sister, steals a pickup and runs…runs straight into the chance and the adventure of a lifetime!

You must understand how meaningful, how important this book is for women. If you struggle with the concept that a woman bullfighter might not resonate for you, or that rodeo and cowboys aren’t interesting, listen and remember the lyrics of Lauren Alaina’s song, Road Less Traveled, and never let a mirror tell you who you are. This story is every woman’s tale who trekked a road populated mostly or only by men. It’s Danica Patrick, Sally Ride, Sandra Day O’Connor, Harriet Tubman…it’s every woman’s story. It’s judges, politicians, soldiers, sailors and jet pilots. It’s firemen, policemen, Ag professionals and authors. It’s every single mother’s story. It’s mine. And it’s yours. It’s important.




  1. Terrific review! I think you’ve just chosen my weekend reading treat for me. I love the title, too. Can’t wait to jump into the story.


  2. This one is going on my list to read soon! Great review!


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