Come Sundown

Author: Nora Roberts

Type: Contemporary Romance

Book purchased by reviewer for her own library

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Reviewer: Pat

Rating: 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Book Review by Pat……………..

I don’t usually review Ms. Roberts novels, most of her books get thousands of reviews, but Come Sundown pulled me in. The first romance books I read were by Nora Roberts, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

This novel is rich in characters, a few plots working off each other and a second chance romance that was perfect. Bodine Longbow is the boss, bean counter and heart of Bodine Resort. It started off as a dude ranch and expanded in time to a luxury resort and a working ranch. They host weddings, conferences, reunions and tourists. Bodine is surrounded by family; brothers Chase and Rory and her parents. Also living on the resort is her grandmother, the original manager, and her aunt. Her life is tiring, busy and rewarding. She is happy for the return of her brother’s best friend Cal Skinner, he left eight years ago to find himself. He was her first crush, and the feelings she gets when she sees him are a little different than a young girl’s fantasy. But suddenly a very quiet little town is shaken by a murdered woman, one of the resorts own, and then another.

Callen (Cal) Skinner spent the last eight years in Hollywood working horses for the movie industry. He missed family, the Bodine Ranch and Chase his best friend. Seeing Bodine all grown up made him very happy he decided to return. He loves horses, especially his horse Sundown, who has the ability to do some amazing tricks. His feelings for Bodine grow from friendship, to long rides on their horses, actual dates and he becomes her protector and lover.

The novel starts with the prologue set in 1991 and a young woman abducted. We continue to get snippets of her life living with a monster, and it broke my heart. This seemingly separate plot blends perfectly with the story. I really enjoyed reading this novel, and even bought the audio version to listen to. If you’re a Nora Roberts fan don’t miss this one.

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