Tru Blue

Author: Melissa Foster

Type: Contemporary Romance

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Review by Pat

Rating: 5 Stars

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Review by Pat…….

I have enjoyed Ms. Fosters novels since her first. Her latest contemporary romance has shot to the top of my Best of 2016 reads. It has honesty, love, sparks and adorable children, all my favorites.

Truman Gritt is an ex-con, imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, but accepting of his fate. To save his family he went to jail. Recently released he has settled into his job as a mechanic at Whiskey Brothers Automotive, run by a biker family and his best friends. After a frantic call from his younger brother Quincy, his drug addicted younger brother, he finds out he has two baby siblings who need rescuing…immediately. Without question, this big, burly, tattooed man takes control. He would do anything to keep Kennedy (sister) and Lincoln (brother) safe. Kennedy is a very frightened toddler, and Lincoln an infant. Filthy, hungry and confused they set off with Tru. He knows he needs baby supplies, so off to a late night Wal Mart run.

Gemma Wright, owner of “Princess For a Day” a boutique for little girls birthday’s and events, is a night owl, in need of some ice cream and chocolate. While shopping she hears a baby crying, getting louder by the minute. When she sees the source her heart melts. A sexy bad boy has a cart full of baby supplies, a toddler in the cart and a screaming baby in his arms. Her hormones won’t let her walk away. Purchasing car seats, food, diapers and clothes seemed impossible to Tru, but with Gemma’s help it was a success. How could he thank her? After getting the children settled in their new car seats, he sees her car, totally bashed in on one side. Tru convinces her to bring her car to him at work and he will fix it, to thank her. A relationship is forged. Both Tru and Gemma had difficult childhoods, but they want only the best for Kennedy and Lincoln.

This amazing novel is about recovery, strength and love. It grabbed my heart and never let go. I want to know more about the whole little family. I can only give the highest recommendation for this novel….a must read.

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