AUTHOR:  Ella Miles

GENRE:  Romance

RELEASED:  June 25, 2017

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REVIEWER:  Pistol Annie

RATING:  ****4 Stars****


I’m the villain in most romances. 
I’m a thief that steals happily ever afters. 
Except unlike most romances love doesn’t conquer me, I conquer it. 
I’ve stolen countless women from unsuspecting men.
Gotten my one night with them.
And then watched the heartbreak that occurs in my wake. 
Love doesn’t survive once I enter the picture, if it ever existed at all. 
Although, stealing Sloane might be my greatest challenge of all. 

Asher is a villain trying to a put a horrible life behind him by doing the only two things he knows to do: surf and steal. Sloane is an angel that runs a charity helping children needing a fresh start. Asher will do anything to have her. There is just one problem…she’s about to marry another man.


The setting in Hawaii makes this one a delight.  For 99-cents, it’s a steal of a deal, and who can turn down a trip to beautiful Hawaii and the islands?  (Hurry now & make your reservation because this sale won’t last long!)  While I’m there, I’ll grab a delish umbrella drink, dip my toes in the sand, and read.  And this is where I find our bad boy surfer, Asher, who steals the hearts of women that already belong to another.  And just cheating is not enough for him.  NO!  His challenge is to  keep them around long enough to make each one his, and then without a second thought, he throws them away with broken hearts.  That is, until he meets Sloane.  And boy does he meet his match then!  She steals his heart, the one he didn’t even realize he had – and then shows him exactly how it feels to have your heart broken into smithereens. 

Sloane is somewhat misunderstood.  She’s strong-willed and independent.  She works helping kids at risk in getting their lives on track.  She’s also engaged to be married to Wes.  While she appears to be a good girl on the outside and one that everyone loves, is there something darker lurking deep inside herself that she keeps hidden?

Of course, a little matter of an engagement to be married won’t stand in Asher’s way or the plans he has for her.  But Sloane is not going to make it easy for him.  She turns the tables on Asher and he must use his best bag of tricks to win this girl’s heart.

There are some unexpected betrayals and lies that surprise and intrigue.  Sloane has her own bag of tricks and revenge to serve cold to Asher.  Not going to say much more about their story because, like the saying goes, it’s better to go in blindly and embrace the feelings and emotions all on your own.      

Lots of quick and humorous banter, along with some steamy and sweet romance enters the picture, as well.  I love some good old sass and vinegar.  The emotions are all over the place and keep a reader’s attention from start to finish.

You probably won’t worry about Asher stealing your heart until it’s too late.  But Asher will manage to snag it without you even knowing, and I bet you’ll be cheering him as he tries to win the only heart that matters to him.  Yes, our author certainly knows how to turn an unlovable and heartless bad boy into your next book boyfriend. 

My only nitpick is that the ending was a bit rushed for my liking, and felt like it was just begging for a bit more.  You’ll find a rather out-of-the-ordinary love story, but one that captures your heart and leaves you in a good place. 







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