Semper Fi Cowboy (Lone Star Leathernecks, Book 1)

Author: Heather Long

Type: Contemporary Romance

ARC provided by the publisher and NetGalley

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Reviewed by Pat

Rating: 4 Stars

Book Review By Pat……….

Recently retired Captain Tanner Wilks USMC was on his way home. He’d rather be with his brothers in arms, but his father having a heart attack changed his course. It’s been twenty years since he was back at Round Top Ranch, but his new career was saving the ranch and tolerating his unpleasant father. He decided to stop at the local bar in town before he headed to the ranch for a last night of drinks and relaxation, even got a hotel room so he could enjoy his evening. As luck would have it, there also was a beautiful woman enjoying her night. Dancing and lots of banter turned the meeting pretty hot, and they ended up in his room. He knew her name was Jules, really didn’t need anything else. When he woke up and she was gone he was actually disappointed, but with all that he had in front of him he figured it was all for the best.

Julia Heller, Jules to her friends, inherited her uncle’s veterinary practice, and was trying very hard to prove she was capable. Some of the old-timers weren’t so sure. Her uncle was the on site vet for Round Top Ranch and it’s owner, known as the Colonel, an older man who had a recent heart attack was still not totally sure about her. Jules figured she would just continue her work, and show him how valuable she could be. But, who drives up but Tanner from their night on the town. He’s the owner’s son and here to take the reins from his very unhappy dad. After an embarrassing moment, they got past it. But his confrontation with the Colonel turned ugly. He wanted him gone, ashamed he had left the Corp. He needed no help, especially Tanner’s. It was not going to be a pleasant homecoming, although all the staff on the ranch were happy to see him.

Jules and Tanner become closer and their feelings grow deeper while working together. The Colonel remains obstinate but they can work around that, until an obstacle they fear they might not get past confronts them.


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