Tougher In Texas (Texas Rodeo, Book 3)

Author: Kari Lynn Dell

Type: Contemporary Cowboy Romance

ARC provided by the publisher and NetGalley

Release Date August 1, 2017

Available at Amazon

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 5 enthusiastic Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Meet the author,


He’s got five rules
And she’s aiming to break them all

Rodeo producer Cole Jacobs has his hands full running Jacobs Livestock. He can’t afford to lose a single cowboy, so when Cousin Violet offers to send along a more-than-capable replacement, he’s got no choice but to accept. He expects a grizzled Texas good ol’ boy.

He gets Shawnee Pickett.

Wild and outspoken, ruthlessly self-reliant, Shawnee’s not looking for anything but a good time. It doesn’t matter how quickly the tall, dark and intense cowboy gets under her skin-Cole deserves something real, and Shawnee can’t promise him forever. Life’s got a way of kicking her in the teeth, and she’s got her bags packed before tragedy can knock her down. Too bad Cole’s not the type to give up when the going gets tough…


Breathless anticipation! Nervous tension! Exhilaration and heart breaking disappointment….that’s Rodeo!

And no one knows rodeo better than Cole Jacobs. He is completely focused on protecting the sensational bucking horses and bulls in the Jacobs string…and every single piece of equipment. In fact, he’s a little obsessive. Okay, he’s really, really obsessive and focused. There’s a reason for that. We found out in earlier books that Cole is autistic. He has a little trouble communicating with some people, but he is terrific at his job. He’s one of the best pickup men in the business…and intense about how well his partner in the arena follows his lead. He is not a happy man when he sees that Shawnee Pickett will be Violet’s replacement. He’s pretty sure that his cousin, Violet, is the only woman capable of doing that risky job as well as any man.

Shawnee is determined to prove him wrong! And, boy, does she ever! She really needs and wants this job, and since Violet is one of her best friends, she’s learned from the best. She’s had a pretty rough life, never enough money and a smart mouth and attitude that keep her mostly on the outside. Her finances have been a good bit better since she started team roping with Tori Patterson in Tangled In Texas. Her job puts a serious crimp in the time she has for roping. Then Cole steps in, and a few sexy hook-ups  later…things start to change.

Shawnee is one of my favorite heroines of all time. She is…sassy! She knows what she wants and goes for it. She likes sex…a lot…but is picky, picky, picky! There could never be a better man for her than Cole. He can focus! And does. Like so many autistic people, he is very smart, and never forgets anything. Psst…he learned about sex from the internet and is determined to get it right. And does! This is a great couple, individually and together. I love them! Get your copy today and…



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