A Hero To Love (Changing Tides)

Author: Gail Chianese

Type: Contemporary Military Romance

ARC Provided By The Publisher And NetGalley

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Available @ Amazon

Reviewed by Pat

Rating: 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Jackson Farraday, known as Jax, is a Chief Master at Arms K-9 officer on a naval base in Connecticut. He has some serious decisions to make, stay in the Navy or get out. His dream job would be with NCIS, but an application so far has gone unanswered. Meanwhile he’s very worried about his best friend and protector Belladonna, his service dog. They have had deployments together, she has saved his life and kept him sane. She’s not acting like herself and is injured while playing.

Risa Reynold is a home town girl, loves animals and is the Base veterinarian. When Jax rushes in with Bella, she doesn’t hesitate to give care. Bella has a broken hip but should heal well with some TLC. She is also worried about possible PTSD, the dog is lethargic and not eating. She and Jax see each other regularly taking care off Bella.
Risa is definitely attracted, but she has a hard and fast rule about dating military men. They always leave.

Risa’s calm life is suddenly interrupted by what she first thought as random vandalism. Car tires slashed in her driveway, her Mom’s car defaced at work, phone calls with heavy breathing and the constant feeling of being watched. Jax gets involved to help investigate, and their friendship grows deeper. Risa might just have to relax her rules for this K-9 officer.

The pranks become more serious and dangerous, happening in and around her home, that is filled with her rescue animals…cat, dogs, bunnies and two new guests, a pair of Pygmy goats. Jax has fallen for Risa and has become her protector, but no one can figure out who wants her hurt or worse.

This is a contemporary military romance, with wonderful rescued animals, suspense and lots of heat. It keeps you guessing till the end. A very good read.

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