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MY DIRTY BOSS by Elaine May χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

CORRUPT ME (City of Sinners Book 1) by Jillian Quinn  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

THE WOLF WITHIN (Purgatory Book 1) by Cynthia Eden χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

A DOMINANT MAN (A Dominant Series Book 1) by Lena Black  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

A DOMINANT FALLEN (A Dominant Series Book 2) by Lena Black  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

THE BILLIONAIRE WINS THE GAME (The Andersons Book 1) by Melody Anne χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

***For more FREE books by Melody Anne click here to go to her Amazon page.

THE BEST MAN (Allen Brothers Series Book 1 by Barbie Bohrman χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

ALEXANDER AND REBECCA (Royals of Valleria Book 1) by Marianne Knightly χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

ARTFULLY YOURS (Love, Emerson Book 1) by Isabel North χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

DERISION: A Broken Bonds Stand Alone Novel by Trisha Wolfe χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

***For more FREE books by Trisha Wolfe click here to go to her Amazon page.

SURRENDER (Club X Book 2) by K.M. Scott χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

BLOOD AVENGED (Sons of Navarus Book 1) by K.M. Scott χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

THE WEDDING SEASON (An Enchanted Bridal Prequel) by Samantha Chase χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

HEART OF STONE (The Stone Series Book 1) by Dakota Willink χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

JACE (Wolves of the Rising Son Book 1) by Kenzie Cox χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

REMEMBER WHEN (The Remember Trilogy Book 1) by T. Torrest  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

DEGRADE (Flawed Book 1) by T.L. Smith χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

***For more FREE books by T.L. Smith click here to go to her Amazon page.

COUNSELLOR (Acquisition Series Book 1) by Celia Aaron χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

SINCLAIR (Acquisition Series) by Celia Aaron χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

THOMPSON SISTERS Anthology (The Complete Series, 6 Novels, 2 Novellas) by Charles Sheehan-Miles χχχχχ ON SALE for $2.99 on Amazon

A STONE IN THE SEA (Bleeding Stars Series Book 1) by A.L. Jackson  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

COWBOY’S PRIDE (Welcome to Covendale) by Morgan Blaze  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

UNTIL NOVEMBER (Until Series Book 1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

TIGER LILY Part One: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Trilogy by Amélie S. Duncan χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

PIPER DREAMS Part One (The Dreams Trilogy Book 1) by Amélie S. Duncan χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

ONE IS A PROMISE (Tangled Lies Series Book 1) by Pam Godwin  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

HEART OF EVE (Trilogy of Eve Prequel) by Pam Godwin  χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

LIQUID REGRET (Liquid Regret Series Book 1) by MJ Carnal  χχχχχ  FREE on Amazon

DISTRACTION by Emily Snow χχχχχ FREE on Amazon

FIRST VERSE (Second Verse Series Book 1) by Emily Snow χχχχχ FREE on Amazon





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