Blood Guard: A Mission Novel

Author: Megan Erickson 

Type: Vampire Romantic Suspense

ARC from Loveswept and NetGalley

Release Date: September 12, 2017

Available at Amazon

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating 5 Stars

Book description……….

Enter a world of immortal danger and desire—and discover an incredible fate borne of blood.

Tendra: One minute, I’m a bartender in gritty Mission City; the next, I’m whisked away by a vampire named Athan who tells me that I’m the lifeblood of his clan. It sounds unbelievable, but he’s got evidence I can’t deny. Turns out, Athan belongs to an underground society of vampires who feed only on humans with their consent. Their enemies have no such qualms, and they want me dead. The only thing standing in their way is strong, sexy Athan. And the closer we get, the more tempted I am to let Athan feed. . . .

Athan: How could I have known when I snatched this snarky, beautiful human off the streets that she would change my destiny? As a loyal soldier, I must deliver Tendra to our future king—my brother. Empowered with the blood of ten generations of the Gregorie breed, she is fated to rule as our queen. But there’s something between us that’s so intoxicating, so carnal, I can’t help wanting Tendra for myself . . . even if it’s treason.

Review by 2shay……….

The Vampires are back!

I love them! Since Salem’s Lot and Interview With A Vampire so many years ago, I have been hooked on all that vampy goodness. J.R. Ward, Jeannine Frost and many others have kept me riveted for years. I have read great stories about these toothy non-humans, some thinly veiled rip-offs and some total crap. Megan Erickson has written vampires to fall in love with…and I did.

Athan has been taught his whole life that this one task, guarding the Sanguivita of the Gregorie Clan, was his purpose in life. He was also taught that, as first born, his brother, having drank from her, would be many, many times stronger, the savior of the clan…the Clan hated and hunted by rival vampires.

Tendra has lived her life on the move, never having a clue why her mom wanted to leave a place suddenly. She and her mom were incredibly close.

Treason? It’s freakin’ treason if these two hook up? Athan and Tendra are great together. Treason? Phooey! Athan is a perfect vampire protector…strong, dedicated and loved by his people. Tendra (Ten) is a smart mouthed, witty, defiant little firebrand with a very unusual and special cat! I’m not sure which of these I loved the most! Collectively they make for one terrific crew.

There is one really vivid, porn quality scene as they walk through a vampire club called Bite, and some steamy sex. And it all works beautifully to set the stage for the next book in the series, Blood Veil, coming soon…I hope. Pick up a copy and…



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