AUTHOR:  Stephie Walls

GENRE:  Rom-Com

Available @ AMAZON

REVIEWER:  Pistol Annie

RATING:  5 Stars


I was done.

Done with men.

Women say it all the time; they get fed up, throw their hands in the air, and vow a life of celibacy—until the next chiseled chest comes into view and then they’re foaming at the mouth and wiping the drool from their chins. But this was different, I really meant it.

I’d been manhandled by the last pig that would ever bring his sausage near me. After one of the nastiest divorces in history, followed by some of the crudest and raunchiest dates, I’d decided to bat for the other team.

…At least I tried.

But creating the next Brat Pack hadn’t been on the agenda. Neither had Collier West. And I wasn’t prepared for finding true love at the end of my gal-pal tryst.

Girl Crush is a friends-to-lovers standalone novel that gave me the biggest rush!  Giselle thought she could easily switch sides and give guys the brush.  But she never expected Collier West to show up and turn her heart to mush!  He delivered romance in spades with a major love-gush! 

If my little rhyme didn’t throw you into fits of hysterics, I guarantee this book will — from start to finish!  From a new-to-me-author, it is uniquely creative, and one of the most hilarious rom-coms I’ve read!  Doing a little research into Stephie Walls’ backlist of what appears to be filled with deeper and heavier romantic subject matters, I think this may be her first venture into the rom-com world.  And it looks like she has succeeded in her endeavor with a provocatively written story that will elicit imagination and spice up your world.  And major kudos for polishing it off with a colorful cover that is pretty-in-pink perfection!

Readers will find a wild mix of irreverent slapstick entertainment that is a bit raunchy and shocking at times.  Uproarious layers of laughter accompany this one from start to finish, although you’ll find a balanced blend of angst and soulful romance to sweeten the plot and keep it real.  The witty banter, hilarious dialogue and below-the-belt tags reign supreme!  I could hardly catch my breath at times from laughing so hard.  Humor is never in short supply throughout.

My first opinion of Giselle was a bit iffy to say the least — she comes across as a self-centered and pampered princess.  In reality, she’s not.  A prime candidate for gal pal, somewhat of a car snob, connoisseur of cheap wine, clothes freak, and lover of nail polish that plays its own colorful part in this story.  It wasn’t long before I was in her friend-zone cheering for her success in straightening her life out.  You’ll get the gist of the plot from the book blurb — I don’t intend to spoil one single second of the fun.

Collier West (who prefers to be called by his last name) won’t whet your appetite if you’re looking for the standard alpha male model.  He’s more the brooding nice guy variety — with top-quality male assets.  West is a bit over-protective and is roommates with his 40-year old gay and unemployed twin sister, Rebecca — who just happens to be Giselle’s first attempt at lesbian dating.  He drives a $100,000 bright red 911 Carrera Porsche — and don’t think Giselle didn’t take of it either.  Don’t let that softer side of West fool you, there’s plenty of domination he brings out to play when Giselle is around.

“Denial will not save you when Cupid’s arrow finds its mark.”

Nothing like a horrid divorce to turn your life upside down and have you rethinking your life — even sexuality.  That’s the plan – but Giselle is like a fish out of water in moving forward with her quest.  Even her best friend, Ronnie, can’t seem to get the message across that “you don’t just wake up one day and decide to be a lesbian.”  And then West comes along and muddies the waters even more, ramping up Giselle’s uncertainty to the point where she’s soon pressed with the question of whether or not to give up this crazy idea and share her little secret with him.

A friendly and comfortable relationship begins to develop between Giselle and West.  Each feels a draw towards the other.  It’s great entertainment watching these two replace pretense with truth. The romantic side of their relationship is a perfectly timed slow burn.  They are a bit more mature characters, or you would think so at almost forty, but you’ll have to confirm that opinion for yourself.

Besides Veronica, who fills the gay best friend role in the dynamic duo known as Gizzy and Ronnie, an assortment of lively and highly entertaining friends and possible conquests give this rom-com strong support.  Instead of new hook-ups, she friend-zones her new recruits.  Every girl needs and should have these types of friendships in their survival kit.  It gives real meaning to the term “gal pal” — those BFFs who enrich our lives each day.  Yes, you’ll find lots of girl power — but this author knows the importance of true romance and doesn’t skimp.

A complete surprise and unexpected charmer!  Laughter is the best medicine, so if you need a little lift, one-click today for an original and outrageously riotous spin on romantic comedy!

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