Running Into Love (Fluke My Life, Book 1)

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Type: Contemporary Romance

ARC supplied by the publisher and NetGalley

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Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Review by Pat……….

The first few chapters of this book had me laughing out loud. The flirting, the banter and a Irish Wolfhound that weighs 115lbs. named Muffin. But
as you read on there’s a subtle undertone of suspense and fear.

Levi , who is a NYPD Detective, was minding his own business when a tiny person, a beautiful tiny person runs full force right into his chest. He knows they’re going down so he trys to protect her fall. When he looks down, she has ear buds and a wild look in her eyes and starts screaming “Help, Fire” and of course gathers a crowd! When the dust settles, they agree no one was seriously hurt and go on their way. But not without a few “remarks” to each other. Levi calls her Tinkerbell, in her head she calls him Mr. Hot Shirtless guy.

This crazy Tinkerbell was Fawn. She is a fifth grade teacher in a local school and loves her job. But, she finds out the hot shirtless guy is her new neighbor, and muffin, who hates men, loves Levi. Then there is the time Fawn and her sisters dress up for Halloween as hookers, and are arrested because they have no ID, and who else but Levi gets to interview them? Their relationship is sweet and funny, but Fawn is worried about a girl in her class who suddenly starts acting strangely, and Levi is on the search for a killer.

I really enjoyed the characters, the families, suspense and the romance. I have not read other books by this author, but I’m grabbing some for my TBR!

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