The Charlotte Stone Series (Audible)

Author: Karen Robards

Type: Paranormal Mystery/Suspense

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Review by Rockin’ Robin…….

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I recently purchased all four books on audio, and each audiobook was about 13 hours. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and I thought the narrator was excellent and really added to the story a lot. I also love that she kept the same narrator for all four books. It would have really affected the experience negatively if they had changed the narrator mid-series, and I’ve seen that happen before.

I actually started this series in e-book a few years ago, but I stopped reading a few chapters into Book 1 because I just felt the whole story scenario was ridiculous! The book is about a young woman who is a psychiatrist who studies serial killers. She works at a super-max prison in Virginia and interviews convicted serial killers on death row to try to offer insight to authorities about how to catch future serial killers. One day, while she is at the prison, one of the serial killers gets murdered, and the ghost of the dead serial killer sort of attaches to her and becomes her constant companion as he can only go 50 feet from her at any time. All of this happens in the first part of Book 1, so I’m not really divulging any spoilers here. It was at this point in the story that she lost me a few years ago. I put the book down and didn’t come back.

Then, a few weeks ago, I bought the audiobook of another series by Karen Robards called “The Ultimatum” which is book 1 of The Guardian series. I absolutely loved that book, so it made me wonder if maybe I should go back to that book that I had barely even started a few years ago and try again, and I am so glad I did.

First of all, I am so very glad that all four books of this series are already out. It would have been excruciating waiting one year between books, so I feel so spoiled that I was able to finish one and start the next one on the same day. Second, I guess it goes to show that whether you enjoy a book or not also depends on your mood at the time. This story just did not appeal to me at all a few years ago when I started it the first time. This time, I absolutely loved every single minute. The narrator may have also enhanced because I was reading on my kindle the first time I tried the series.

I just finished Book 4 (The Last Time I saw her) yesterday, and I am having such a book hangover. I’m so sad there isn’t a Book 5. I already miss these characters. They have become such a part of my life these last couple of weeks as I listened to these books while I was driving or doing housework. I’ve grown to love these characters so very much, and I will miss them being in my life.

Synopsis of each book

Book 1 – The Last Victim – is mainly about how this ghost, Michael Garland, came to be attached to Charlie (Dr Charlotte Stone). This book is also about the fact that Charlie had an experience as a teenager where she narrowly escaped being a victim herself of a serial killer and developed special gifts that allow her to see and communicate with ghosts of people who recently died after a violent death. Charlie works with a special FBI team, and the team sort of reminds me of the Criminal Minds tv show to help them solve a case.

Book 2 – The Last Kiss Goodbye – Charlie has come home after the case is over in Book 1, and a young woman who just escaped from a serial killer literally knocks at her door for help, and so becomes the next case she is working on with the FBI to try to solve it. Charlie still has her ghost, Michael Garland, and their friendship is evolving. In Book 1, she and her ghost argued back and forth a lot, but in Book 2 you will see a friendship developing slowly.

Book 3 – Her Last Whisper – this book takes them to Las Vegas to solve case of women disappearing. One of the women who disappeared is the sister of one of the people on the FBI which makes this case more personal.

Book 4 – The Last Time I saw her – there isn’t much I can write about this book without it being a spoiler. After falling in love with these characters, I kept wondering how this series would possibly end, and the ending of this series was very unexpected. I never saw that ending coming in a million years, but I absolutely positively loved it. Loved it!! Did I mention that I loved it? I’m the type of person who frequently finds a particular scene in a book touching and get a little choked up, but there is a particular scene in Book 4 that actually had me sobbing, so keep the tissues handy for the 2nd half of book 4.

I absolutely loved this series, and I’m so very sad that I won’t be listening to their stories after this. I will so miss Charlie, Michael, and all the FBI gang. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a book with mystery, suspense, romance, a psychic and a few ghosts. Enjoy!

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