AUTHOR:  Eva King

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance

Available @ AMAZON

REVIEWED BY:  Pistol Annie

(A copy was kindly provided by the author.)

RATING:  ****4 Stars****


Recovering from a broken relationship, Emma Mitchell moves in with her best friend. Her life is quiet and uneventful, just how she likes it. Little does she know that the events of the following months will change her life forever. 

Famous Hollywood actor James McNair is a renowned womanizer with a penchant for partying and hitting the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. When a night of partying a little too hard means he finally has to take stock and reevaluate his lifestyle, a week away from the flashing lights of Hollywood is just what he needs. What better place to hide than in his childhood home in Edinburgh, Scotland?
When the old friends are reunited, feelings resurface and sparks fly. But James must keep the pretense of his new persona until the premiere of his biggest film in his career. He just has no idea if he’ll be able to keep his feelings for Emma under wraps until then.

Sometimes it takes more than damage control to find a happily ever after.

Eva King has written an appealing and delightful story utilizing a friends-to-lovers second attempt at love trope.  Her writing is engaging, witty and endearing just like her characters.  I really look forward to reading more from this new-to-me-author.

I’m a sucker for Hollywood romance stories and an even bigger sucker for second chance love themes, especially when the two involved have been childhood friends.  I found a good balance of passion and conflict without a lot of unnecessary drama — something I relish from time to time.  The storyline is not new, but it is sweet, sparkling and satisfying.

James shared an enduring connection with the feisty little redhead who lived next door from the time they met as children and became best friends.  One shared kiss as teenagers and what felt like the beginning of something deeper and different.  An unexpected interruption by James’s father and things change.  POOF – overnight James is whisked away from Scotland to the United States with very little explanation, leaving a heartbroken girl behind.

Seven years have passed.  Nowadays James McNair is a Hollywood A-lister bad boy with trouble nipping at his heels.  A little break from the glitz and glam might be in order.  And the timing might be perfect for a trip back to Scotland and the girl he left behind.   Time for some damage control

Some memories refuse to be forgotten—

Emma Mitchell is the best friend he left behind – all grown up into a gorgeous redhead that he once secretly crushed on.  She’s the everyday single working girl sharing an apartment with her best friend and living a modest life.  Of course, she’s recovering from a heartbreak dealt by her last relationship – which might have something to do with her self-confidence problem.

Reconnecting brings its own set of challenges.  Leftover misunderstandings, broken relationships, renewed attraction and twists that could prove fateful for this couple.    

It’s always an added benefit to gain the story told from both sides.  In dual POVs, James and Emma unravel the tangles from their past in flashbacks of their childhood and embark on a second chance to redefine their relationship and perhaps make it an always and forever happily-ever-after.

A solid and well-cast group of secondary characters bolsters the storyline with interesting plotline devices of their own.  From a different vantage point, they help in revealing personal information by adding additional layers of interest about not only our main characters but themselves.  Romance readers are most always happy to see a few of the extra special secondary characters follow-up with a story of their own, and there’s plenty of material to work with here. 

The element of surprise is just enough to keep it interesting.  Prepare to have your heart stolen by Emma and James.  This couple’s love story crackles and sizzles from start to finish in a heartwarming finale!



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