2shay’s Favorite Books Of 2017

Favorite Book Of The Year!
Days Made Of Glass by Laura Drake
“ You must understand how meaningful, how important this book is for women. If you struggle with the concept that a woman bullfighter might not resonate for you, or that rodeo and cowboys aren’t interesting, listen and remember the lyrics of Lauren Alaina’s song, Road Less Traveled, and never let a mirror tell you who you are. This story is every woman’s tale who trekked a road populated mostly or only by men. It’s Danica Patrick, Sally Ride, Sandra Day O’Connor, Harriet Tubman…it’s every woman’s story. It’s judges, politicians, soldiers, sailors and jet pilots. It’s firemen, policemen, Ag professionals and authors. It’s every single mother’s story. It’s mine. And it’s yours. It’s important.” (Quote from my review)


Favorite Series Of The Year!
Texas Rodeo Series by Kari Lynn Dell

This is by far my favorite series of the year. I’ve read and reviewed the first three books, Reckless In Texas, Tangled In Texas and Tougher in Texas. I’m a huge Rodeo fan and a former barrel racer. Ms. Dell knows rodeo and gets everything right. I’m looking forward to book four, which should be available in April of 2018.


Favorite M/M Author Of The Year!

Anna Butler

Anna Butler writes smart books. Smart how? Well, for starters, she made me a fan of science fiction in her Taking Shield  series. That was no small feat. I’ve tried several over the years, and they never captured my imagination. Then Ms. Butler introduced me to Shield Captain Bennett in Gryfalcon and one of the most compelling books I’ve read in years. Two books in this series made my top picks for 2017, Makepeace and The Chains Of Their Sins. Both 5 Star dream reads.

If that’s not enough, I’m now hooked on her steampunk series, Lancaster’s Luck. Steampunk? You’re kidding! No, I’m not. The first book in the series, The Gilded Scarab, was easy to read, easy to understand the “differences” and plain fun. By the time I finished the second book, The Jackal’s House, I was hooked again. More 5 Star dreams. Now my problem is that one woman is writing two of my favorite series. Maybe she can Sci-fi or steampunk herself a clone and write faster!


Favorite Mysteries Of The Year!

The Silent Corner and The Whispering Room

Both in the Jane Hawk series by Dean Koontz

Golden Prey (Prey series) and Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers Mysteries)

Both by John Sandford (I’ve been reading both series since they started)

Two Nights by Kathy Reichs

This is the author of the books that became Bones on TV.



**A note: Reviews of the books mentioned in bold italics can be found on this blog by typing the titles in the search box in the upper, right-hand search box. Links to the books on Amazon will be in the review.


    1. I just hope my luck holds! I’ve had some great ones this year.


  1. Oooh, and Gyrfalcon is FREE (at least on Kobo)! I’m off to do some downloading… thanks for the ideas!


    1. I hope you enjoy Gryfalcon as much as I did! It’s a great story.


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