Captive Vow

Author: Alta Hensley

Type:  Dark Romance/Erotica (There is a lot of sex as per the author’s warning. Not for sensitive readers.)

ARC was free from book club, it’s also free on Kindle Unlimited

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Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Book Description…………..

I take you.
To honor and obey.
Till death do us part.
This is my solemn vow.

I am caught in the madness of a deep obsession. Stolen away to become his perfect and dutiful wife.
Trapped in a twisted and dark courtship. Forced and trained in the wifely duties of an obedient bride.
I am his.
Captive ever after…

***Captive Vow is a dark romantic thriller. If you don’t like a sprinkle of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of my cocktail.


I received this book free from a book club I recently joined. I enjoy a dark, twisty read now and again, and have read some shockingly good ones. Captive In The Dark by C.J. Roberts comes to mind, or the Nine Minutes trilogy by Beth Flynn. So I’m always hoping for another that makes me fall in love with an anti-hero. This book didn’t quit live up to those standards. But, I have to give credit for a pretty unique plot.

Spoilers possible…..

Viv/Vivian has a split personality. I don’t know enough about mental illness to say that one personality with Parkinson’s Disease, Viv, can have another personality, Vivian, who is healthy with no trembles, but it sort of worked for me. Viv is a sweet lady…Vivian is a monster!

Pope is Viv’s son, and he loves her beyond reason. Unfortunately, he has had to live with Vivian as well. Vivian has caused unimaginable pain for Pope over the years, but he continues to protect Viv the best he can.

Demi is a sweet girl who has had a tough life. Sheesh. I felt sorry for her from the beginning. She’s a waitress, and befriends Viv over a few weeks when Viv came to the cafe for meals. Viv could barely feed herself because of her trembles. Over time, Demi starts to help her and they become friends. Demi doesn’t know, until it’s too late, that there is a nasty personality lurking inside sweet Viv…a personality determined to have Demi as her new daughter-in-law. That’s all great, and had the potential to be a 4 or 5 star read.

But, picky me, there were some things about the writing that kept throwing me out of the story. First, I noticed fairly early that the author used “upon” instead of “on”, when “on” would have sounded better and smoother. Then, she kept using these strange combinations of words that were plain pretentious.

‘He was only wearing a pair of shorts and his bare back beckoned my gaze.”

“A wavering burst of fervency slid into my stomach.”

“The realization that I could possibly die by being burned alive besieged me with fear.”

That’s just a few examples. There are others. Many others. I think the author was trying way too hard to sound articulate, and only managed to make me shake my head at the pretentious and not totally correct use of language. It’s a shame, the plot was unique and interesting. Simplicity is preferable, to me.

I realize that Ms. Hensley is a best selling author and has a large fan base. At this writing, she has 214 reviews, and almost 60% are 5 stars. A lot of readers liked the plot…or the sex!…enough to ignore the writing gaffs that bothered me. I have no issue with that. We all like what we like. And don’t misunderstand. I think this is a wonderful and unique plot, and worth the reading time. I just don’t want “my” readers to think the book is flawless. You very well could be one who gets so caught up in the story…it’s easy to do…that you don’t notice anything else. If so, pick up a copy and…



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