The Spy Who Never Was: A Nora Barron Thriller

Author: Tom Savage

Type: Mystery/Suspense, Book In Series

ARC provided by Random House and NetGalley

Release Date: January 9, 2018

Available at Amazon

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Book description……….

Nora Baron assumes the identity of a notorious femme fatale—who technically doesn’t exist—in a powerhouse thriller from the bestselling author of Mrs. John Doe.

In a Manhattan safe house, Nora Baron—a Long Island mother and drama teacher leading a double life as a CIA operative—meets a spymaster who offers her a top-secret mission. Nora is to take on the role of Chris Waverly, a legend in the field—literally. As Nora’s handler explains, Waverly isn’t so much a person as she is an alias, a cover name shared by several American agents throughout the world. Now, a mysterious ransom note threatens these agents with exposure and certain death.

As the new “Chris Waverly,” Nora travels to Paris to trap the anonymous blackmailer. But from the start, the mission is more dangerous than she could have anticipated. She encounters secrets and lies from her own people, and she’s stalked by shadowy assassins. From the City of Light to a remote village high in the Swiss Alps, Nora follows the trail to a chilling international conspiracy—and the shocking truth about “Chris Waverly.”

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My review……….!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you already know that Tom Savage is one of my favorite authors, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I gave this book five stars. Some authors just hit all the right words and phrases to make their books my forever favorites.

I fell in love with this author after reading A Penny For The Hangman, and I have fallen hard for his Nora Barron series. Nora rocks the whole amateur spy character with class! As an award winning actress and drama coach, Nora can slip into and out of various personas with ease and class. If I mentioned class more than once, it’s because Nora is the ultimate in class! 

Mr. Savage takes Nora all over Europe. I’ve traveled with her to London, Paris and now Lucerne. And not just the cities. We get to explore the country-side right along with her. Having never been to Europe, I trust the author to be as honest as he can be within the constraints of his stories, knowing that some places are fictional, and knowing that my own knowledge of geography will tell me the difference. I get immersed in the places as well as the stories.

Then we have the supporting characters! Jacque Lanier, who first appeared in Mrs. John Doe, with his love of American slang…which he invariably mangles…is back, and he’s just as charming and helpful in this book as he was before. I was glad to see him back in action. There are always great side characters in a great book, and this one proves the point.

This book, like all of the Tom Savage books, is a mystery and suspense, so it’s nearly impossible to say much without giving away elements of the story that you just need to experience for yourself. My now very teeny, tiny complaint in this story is that we didn’t see enough of Nora’s Uber-Hot husband, Jeff until the very end. He did not disappoint!

If you are a fan of the mystery/suspense genre, you’ll love this book. If you’re not a fan of the genre, why not? Give this series a chance and you might be a fan for life! Grab a copy and…



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