A Bargain In Silver (Solis Invicti, Book1)

Author: Josie Jaffrey

Type: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Dystopian

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Book Description……….

If the price of safety is slavery, would you bargain your life?

A Bargain in Silver is book one of Josie Jaffrey’s Solis Invicti paranormal romance series, set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic London.

A deadly infection threatens to wipe out humanity. The only people who can stem its advance are the Silver, a vampiric race who offer a simple exchange: protection in return for blood and subservience. It’s not a deal that Emmy’s willing to make, but as her world burns around her she finds herself in the arms of the enemy and the line between oppressor and saviour begins to blur.

After an attack by the infected, Emmy is rescued by the handsome Drew who introduces her to the world of the Silver. Desperate to escape subjugation and confused by her attraction to him, she gathers what remains of her surrogate family and plans to make a break for freedom.

But despite her efforts to resist, she is drawn further into the intrigues of the mysterious Silver through the agency of their ruler, the Primus: Solomon. Emmy refuses to submit to the cold and detached Primus and an attempt on her life makes it clear that he is unable to protect her from the political machinations of his race.

As the connection between them deepens she must choose between her desire and her will to rebel, but can she trust his intentions when everyone is after her blood?


This is a new and fascinating look at the world of vampires, a brand new take by an author who has captured my attention, and isn’t likely to lose it anytime soon. I loved this story!! I can’t wait to read more about these astonishing characters! The Silver, they consider being called “vampires” insulting, have lived among humans for millennia, hiding and trying to blend in with human society…one was even an umpire at Wimbledon. When a catastrophic disease hits, causing a world wide epidemic that turns humans into zombie like creatures called Weepers, the Silver are forced to take control to avoid the annihilation of the human race…and their blood snacks. Ewww…! Right?

It’s never that simple. Like with all creatures, there are Silver and there are Silver a$$holes! The problem, for our heroine, Emmy, is that it’s pretty darn hard to know the difference. Emilia…Emmy…has had a few rough years. She had just begun to make a new life and new friends in London the night the Weepers hit London. The chaos is incredible. On her way home from her job at a bar, she is saved, fairly roughly, from a group of Weepers that had her cornered. Her savior is a Silver, Drew. She knows little about what is going on, and is scared nearly to death, but, oddly, feels safe with Drew, even when she discovers that he isn’t human.

Through Drew, she meets more of the Silver, the most fascinating being Solomon, the Primus of the Silver. He’s gorgeous. He’s also very powerful. Emmy, though, being a rebel at heart and not willing to give up her freedom for protection, just insists on being a pain in the butt! I wanted to shake her! These guys could kill her for any reason, or no reason at all except they wanted to! Instead, Sol says one of the coolest things. In Emmy’s situation, this would have been my mantra!

There is no virtue in giving yourself up to certain death, Emilia.  It is the ultimate surrender: a grand, empty martyrdom.  True strength lies in those who struggle on in the face of adversity for the sake of those they love, who strive to build a better life.” 

I liked Soloman, but he’s a politician. Can he be trusted? Emmy doesn’t know, and I don’t have a clue. I intend to find out. I haven’t been this interested in paranormal in years. If you think paranormal  romance has gotten a little stale, you should give this book a try. Did you read the quote above? Well, that’s how Ms. Jaffrey rocks the words and phrases that make this book unforgettable. Pick up your copy today and…



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