AUTHOR:  M Mabie

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance

Available @ AMAZON

REVIEWER Pistol Annie

RATING:  **** 4 Stars ****


Welcome to Wynne, population 3402.

No rockstars. No major politicians. No media moguls.

Things don’t change quickly in a small town, except when they do. It’s been pouring rain all summer long, and the disc jockey and local farmer are all of the sudden attached at the hip. It’s not only the rising river getting deeper and deeper.

This is your basic water tower painting, tractor driving, tailgate cooler packing kind a guy chases the single, blonde, radio vixen with mosquito bite rage from his youth type of romance. Or is it the other way around?

Low on drama. High on Love.

Grab an umbrella because it’s a long wet summer.

Sunshine and Rain is the second stand alone novel in the City Limits series. It follows new characters as they navigate their own small-town romance.


Absolutely marvelous! This story will lift your spirits with a positive mood-boosting package of humor, wit and love. Once I started reading, I devoured this story in one sitting. From a new-to-me-author, I was hooked and immediately started searching out more of M. Mabie’s work.

Fresh and authentic, this author knows just how to show readers a really good time. Mabie packs this dilly with intelligence, wit, and an addictive romance into one fantastic read! I loved the bold characters, the slow-building yet steamy romance, and so many feel-goods that I lost myself in a happy place. If you’re a fan of small town romances, an absolute feast awaits you on each tantalizing page.

Welcome to Wynne! Grab your favorite drink, settle into your comfy chair while Sunny Wilbanks and Rhett Caraway take you on a trip down memory lane. It’s a story about a thirteen-year old boy who had his heart stolen by an eighteen-year old high school cheerleader years ago, and the memories that have refused to be forgotten.

Cougar Alert! Sunny continually refers to herself as a “panther” – does that mean she’s a fake “cougar” or what the heck? Me thinks she worries too much about a five-year age difference. Okay, so maybe her number is a little bit bigger – 28 — and his is a little less at 23.  But, so what?  Both are young and only in their twenties and neither have ever been married or had children. Isn’t there an old saying that goes something like this — “Age is just a number.” Come on Sunny – open your eyes! This guy is a forever kinda guy – and he definitely has his eyes set on you for his happily-ever-after.

Every second of this read is delectably delicious with humor and a little twist of an older woman-younger man relationship. Yea, yea, it’s a theme that has long been taboo, heavily influenced by the Freudian notion that the older women are mother substitutes or “cradle robbers.” But our hero doesn’t see it that way. He’s been in love with this “older” woman most of his life. And he isn’t easily deterred. Gotta love a guy who knows what he wants and goes for it – and in the most creative and delightful ways possible. Rhett rules in the romance category!

From Rhett at age thirteen –

I know everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care. I’m in love with Sunny.

And someday, I’m going to build her a huge farm and I’m going to marry her and make her smile every day.

Rhett heads upward to topping my list of favorite heroes. He’s quite a guy. A long-distance runner and a farmer with a college education, loyal, and a hero that oozes wicked charm and sex appeal stealing your heart the moment you first meet him.

From Sunny at age twenty-eight –

He wasn’t just the kind of guy I wanted in my future, he was becoming the exact one. The only one I could see there.

Sunny could be a little cray-cray at times – but of the good variety. She’s adorably cute and kind with a quirky sense of humor and is a hard worker. She made for an ideal heroine.

They may be five years apart in age, but it really didn’t matter because they are an imperfectly perfect match!

Now that I’ve found this new-to-me author, who I think is a whizbang writer, I’d like to pay it forward. Here are just a few of the reasons why I think you should be reading her books, too. Amazing writing skills that include – imagination, creativity and characterization. Need I say more?

Okay, here’s a little extra. The characters were amazing, delightful, positive and kind and gentle and full of down-home goodness. A burst of sunshine even in the rain! Plus, there’s just enough angst combined with charm, steam and fun to keep me interested and devoted. They had me smiling from start to happily-ever-after!

♥Painted by Sunny high atop the town of Wynne’s water tower — present day♥

Sunny loves Rhett.

A super-duper treat — so good you’ll want a repeat!


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