Author: Myriam Esther

Type: Mystery

ARC supplied by the author

Available at Amazon

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 2Stars

Book Blurb……….

How often does your first impression fail you? Claire, an uptight reporter from London, dominated by her helicopter mother can’t progress in any aspect of her life. From the outside she is the perfect aristocrat. On the inside she is a complete mess. She’s a germophobe, a prescription pill popper, and her low self esteem has her clinging to an abusive relationship. She’s always sure to hide the big scar on her chest. But she doesn’t know what the scar hides from her. Everything Claire does takes her away from her inner self. That is until Fleur, an old filthy beggar, gives her a treasure before dying.


That cover is so freakin’ cute! When the author contacted me for a review, I took one look at the cover and I was in! It turned out that Ms. Esther designed the cover herself…! A multi-talented new author trying to find her wings.

When it comes to creating an interesting plot, Ms. Esther did just fine. The mystery of what is going on in Claire’s life kept my attention, though many elements needed more details. I finally figured out why she was so germaphobic by the end of the book, as well as her fear of clowns.

This is a very short book, I would call it a novella. I read it in a couple of hours, and that’s part of the problem. I like more flesh to a story. For instance, I learned very little about Claire’s boyfriend or best friend, Lisa. I think, but have no way of knowing, that this might have been a pretty good psychological thriller if given more time.

While Ms. Esther did a fine job of presenting an interesting plot, her writing skills need some work, especially her dialog. A lot of dialog is one short, clipped sentence. It was hard to connect with the characters, especially the secondary ones when given so few verbal cues about their motivations.

I badly wanted to find a way to add at least one more star for this obviously talented new author, but I couldn’t find a path. I hope she continues to write. I hope to see new work from her in the future.





  1. I like both the title and the cover! Sorry it wasn’t all you hoped it would be. Honest review well done.


    1. Thank you. I like the way this author thinks. I hope she continues and continues to send me books.


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