This Heart Of Mine…a novel

Author: c.c.hunter

Type: YA Romance

ARC provided by the fabulously talented Ms. Christie Craig aka c.c. hunter

Release Date: February 27, 2017

Available @ Amazon

Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 5 Stars, 5 Hearts, 5 Hugs with a lot of smiles and a few happy tears…

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A new heart saved her life—but will it help her find out what really happened to its donor?

Seventeen-year-old Leah MacKenzie is heartless. An artificial heart in a backpack is keeping her alive. However, this route only offers her a few years. And with her rare blood type, a transplant isn’t likely. Living like you are dying isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. But when a heart becomes available, she’s given a second chance at life. Except Leah discovers who the donor was — a boy from her school — and they’re saying he killed himself. Plagued with dreams since the transplant, she realizes she may hold the clues to what really happened.

Matt refuses to believe his twin killed himself. When Leah seeks him out, he learns they are both having similar dreams and he’s certain it means something. While unraveling the secrets of his brother’s final moments, Leah and Matt find each other, and a love they are terrified to lose. But life and even new hearts don’t come with guarantees. Who knew living, took more courage than dying?

This Heart of Mine is a haunting, poignant tale about living and dying, surviving grief, guilt, and heartache, while discovering love and hope in the midst of sadness.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Review by 2shay❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Every now and then a book comes my way that transcends every review criteria I’ve ever known. A book that is so much more than what conventional rating systems require. This Heart Of Mine is one of those books. I have had no great insights about how to approach this review. The book description is very good, if that’s not enough to entice you, I doubt that I could add much. So, I decided to concentrate on what it meant to me. That, and my personal experiences.

I have identical twin cousins. I have seen one twin, when very young, grab his butt and cry when the other got a shot. I have seen one twin clutch his chest and fall, gasping for breath when his brother was hit in the chest by a baseball. I have seen one twin pace and fret, then bolt for a car and go straight to where his twin was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. He saved his brother’s life by getting to him quickly. The twin connection, the instant knowledge is real. If you haven’t seen it yourself, haven’t experienced it, I doubt I can make you believe. I believe.

I had a friend who received a kidney transplant a few years ago. She was a nice, middle-aged woman who had never done anything slightly wrong in her life…a rule follower and good citizen in every way. After her transplant, she began shoplifting toys from our local TG&Y. It disturbed her husband and friends…it was so far out of character. We later learned that her kidney was from a young boy. It freaked everyone who knew her out a little, but her husband and friends believed to their core that it was a memory from that child. I saw it happen. It’s real. I believe.

Can those two real things combine into something more? Is it possible that the twin of an organ donor could share memories or dreams with his twin’s organ recipient? I don’t know the answer, but it feels possible.

Leah is adorable. Her chances at life are very slim. Not only is her heart gone, she has a rare blood type that makes the possibility of finding a heart remote. The way she has dealt with knowing that her life would probably end soon was endearing and a little heart breaking. She takes very good care of herself, making sure the batteries for her artificial heart are always charged, taking as much worry off her parents as possible. She loves her parents…deeply. She also feels enormous guilt for causing them so much grief. She’s such a great kid.

Matt and Eric are the twins in the story. Identical. Late one night, Matt is awakened by a horrible pain in his head, with memories of running through trees. He instantly knows it’s an experience from his twin, and knows Eric is in trouble. Before long, the police arrive, telling Matt and his mother that Eric is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. Suicide. Matt doesn’t believe them and makes a nuisance of himself at the police department.

Leah is called to the hospital for her heart transplant. Matt, knowing Leah slightly from high school, sees her arriving with her parents and figures out immediately that she will be getting his brother’s heart. And this is where the book gets really interesting. And this is where I must stop before telling you the whole story. I’m sorry, but you really should read this book. There is much detail woven into this story about the difficulty of living with a transplant, from dietary restriction to the constant fear of rejection. c.c. hunter has lived this with her husband. She knows!

I don’t think it’s possible for me to tell you how much I loved this book. I simply don’t have the words, you will have to experience it for yourself. The slowly building love between Leah and Matt is beautiful. Pick up your copy and…



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  1. Love your review, 2shay! I can’t wait to finish up what I’m doing and get started on “This Heart of Mine” from a favorite author under a new pseudo.


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