The Remains In The Pond


Author: Ann Swann

Type: Mystery/Thriller

ARC provided by the author

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Reviewed by 2shay

Rating: 4 Stars


Book Blurb……….

Senior prom is the happiest night of Gabi’s life. Her crush has just revealed that he is every bit as infatuated with her as she is with him. When he has a car wreck and is transported to the hospital in a coma, Gabi feels as if she’s taken a knife to the heart. But his jealous cousin, Rose, sees her chance to give the knife an even harder twist. She convinces Gabi to meet her at a local parking spot outside town. It’s a night that will change several lives forever. One of the girls will return, and one will become known as the remains in the pond.


      The big song that year was Prince’s hit, “1999.”

It’s Senior Prom in the small West Texas town of Live Oak. It’s 1999. Two seniors are falling in love. Matt and Gabi have been lab partners all year, each having developed a crush on the other, and neither thinking the other was interested. That changed at prom. Before their first dance ended, their young hearts were committed. It was more magical than either could have imagined. Until it was over and their lives were changed forever.

This story is a little bit retro. In 1999 there were no cell phones. Cordless phones were the newest and greatest innovation. Those and answering machines. Wall mounted phones with long, curly cords were the norm. The World Wide Web was still years away. If you needed to use a phone when away from home, you could use the nearest pay phone. This was really fun to read…a blast from the past. Not so far in the past that it’s not relatable to us today, just enough to remind us of our own youth. Our own proms. The magic and glitter.

Gabi left home shortly after prom. She didn’t even stay long enough to walk the stage for her diploma. I’m not sure that anyone would have reacted differently after the tragedies following the prom. It was bad. She had to forge a new path for herself. She didn’t know everything that happened at the pond the night after prom. It would be a while before she did.

This is my first book by this author. It will not be my last. Ms. Swann led me through the day to day efforts of a lovely young woman to deal with her past and find a future full of hope and love, while suffering the guilt of the possibility that she might have been to blame for a horrible event. The real question throughout is, who’s responsible for the remains in the pond? Are there remains in the pond?

This book is suitable for all age groups, so grab a copy and…




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