Wilde Fire: A Forever Wilde Novel


Author: Lucy Lennox 

Type:  M/M Contemporary Romance

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Reviewed by MyVicariousLife

Rating: 5 Stars


Book Blurb……….


Seth Walker was my first love and I always swore he’d be my last. Even after he moved away our senior year in high school, we vowed to reunite after graduation. But when he suddenly broke things off without explanation and crushed my heart, it was my turn to run.

After a decade in the navy, I’ve finally come home ready to move on with my life as Hobie’s newest firefighter. Unfortunately, the minute I set eyes on the new sheriff in town, I know I’m screwed. Hobie’s top cop is none other than Seth Walker.

Turns out, he’s come home too. And hell if he doesn’t have a lot of explaining to do.


I thought I was doing the right thing when I walked away from Otto Wilde ten years ago without an explanation. I was wrong. I also thought I could come back home without having to face my past mistakes. I was wrong about that too.

What I’m not wrong about: The fact that my heart catches fire every time I set eyes on the sexy man. The fact that I can’t imagine my life without him. The fact that things are still just as complicated now as they were then. And the fact that I have a lot of work ahead of me if I expect to win him back.

Just when things start heating up between us again, a serial arsonist strikes and suspicion falls close to home. I already lost Otto to a secret long ago but I’ll be damned if I let another threaten to send our future up in smoke.

Because Otto Wilde is mine, and I don’t plan on ever letting him go again.

Each novel in the Forever Wilde series can be read on its own or as part of the series. Fair warning, there will be nekkid man parts touching, meddling patriarchs, sweet second-chance love themes, and a dearly departed donkey named Debbie Gibson.

Review……….By MyVicariousLife……….

Once again Lucy Lennox delivers in a majorly fantastic way. Wilde Fire is the third book in the Forever Wilde series, so at this point you should already be familiar with the amazingness that is a Lucy Lennox book, but if somehow you have not yet had the pleasure, then you absolutely can start right here and have yourself a wonderful time falling in love with her men and her writing. I do always recommend starting at the beginning of a series because you just get so much more out of it that way, but if you’re really wanting to start here then I know you’re still going to have a good time and you’re going to end up going back to the beginning at some point anyhow 🙂 Her men, I mean her stories, are just that lovable and that good. One of the many things I love about Lucy Lennox is that her writing is consistently good. She writes fast and she’s put out a lot of stories in just a bit over a year, but they are always top notch, well written, true quality stories. I have laughed and fallen in love with each new book and each new couple. And not just the couple as a couple, but I fall in love with the individual MCs for themselves. They all have their quirks, and endearing qualities and are just upright, lovable, witty, smart, fun, fantastic men. And along with the consistently good writing is the fact that each story is its own. They’re not just cookie cutter cut outs of each other but with different names of the MCs. They are each new and fresh and unique unto themselves. After twelve plus novels I have never felt like I’ve read the same story twice. Except for when I am in fact reading a story for the second/third/fourth etc time. Although each story contains the elements needed to push my five star requiring buttons, they each have a different feel. Some are more steadily just fun and happy. Others have a bit more angst and heart squeezing feels. But they all always have an overall good feeling, with laughs, fun times, sweet moments, and daydream fueling sexy times. Wilde Fire is a perfect third book in this second series. It’s a little “older”, a little deeper, a bit more angst and struggle to get settled and enjoying their HEA. I just loved this so much and I’m very eagerly looking forward to the next story in the series. Or really just anything else that Lucy Lennox writes!

Would I re-read? A big YES.
Did I fall in love? My heart is so big and full because she just keeps giving me more men to fit in there 🙂
Was it worth the money? Definitely. Despite already having a free copy to read and review if I wanted to I still paid full price to “own” the story. It must be on my “bookshelf”.

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