AUTHOR:  Jay Crownover

GENRE:  NA Contemporary Romance

Available @ AMAZON

REVIEWER:  Pistol Annie


It was hate at first sight…


I hated Cable James McCaffrey.

He was entitled, spoiled, a user…and an addict.

He was out of control and didn’t bother trying to hide it.

He had everything anyone could want but still seemed miserable and lost.

Every move he made, every mistake he stumbled his way through, rubbed me the wrong way. However, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to save him from himself when no one else would. In the sweltering heat of the summer, Cable taught me that having it all means nothing if you can’t have the one thing you want more than anything else.


I was obsessed with Affton Reed.

She was rigid, uptight, and no fun. There was something about her innate goodness that called to me.

She acted like she was above all the normal faults and failures that clung to the rest of us like the scent of smoke after a fire.

I was infatuated with her, but that didn’t stop me from acting like she didn’t exist.

In the scorching heat of summer, Affton taught me that there is always a way back from the brink of despair. She showed me that the trick to having it all was realizing that it was already there, in my hands. All I had to do was hold onto it.

The road to recovery is full of twists and turns no matter who is in the driver’s seat.

My review is purposely short and to the point.  The blurb provides enough details, and this is the type of story where readers will react with their own personal opinions and conclusions — up close and personal for many.  The world of addiction is ugly and painful.  This is one hard-hitting storyline filled with a push/pull relationship that is heartbreaking for both the guilty and the innocent. My heart was literally attacked from all sides. A large dose of drama-rama that tore through my emotions with more angst and sadness than one heart can stand.

Stepping outside my normal reading boundaries, this subject matter is not one I would usually choose — but it grabbed hold, and I stuck with it. It definitely stirred up  reactions and feelings – and not ones I have ever dealt with personally – thank God above!

Cable has turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape reality.  The mood-altering substances provide relief from his daily life filled with regrets, guilt and family pressures.  Affton watched as her mother suffered with addiction for years before her death.  She’s seen the damage it can do to both the users and those who love them.  Hoping to help Cable, she steps forward with a few words of advice.  Cable doesn’t want this girl’s help, and things don’t go well for Affton.  It might take awhile but Affton and Cable will wrap themselves around your heart, mind and soul.  With their scarred pasts and forced “togetherness,” they look to each other for comfort and friendship.  It’s a rocky road filled with numerous potholes.  And in the end, they find something much more meaningful.  And along with it, they bring on the heat!  

In the end, I was totally drained and exhausted. And not completely convinced that Recovered truly fits Cable’s present condition, along with being a bit surprised with Affton’s overall acceptance of the “little” slips. It felt more like Cable is still recovering and always will be. The real question is:  Will he be able to stay the course?

My first book by Jay Crownover – and I was impressed with the writing and how the author brought the demons to life on the pages.  I quickly became totally absorbed in the story and at no time was I bored.  I’ll be checking out more books by this author.

The Epilogue ends on a positive note with the happily-ever-after a minute-to-minute, day-to-day work-in-progress, but the pledges have been made and the love is there – I never doubted their feelings for each other. Things are going well for both Cable and Affton, separately and together. Fingers crossed they’ll see it through to the end.


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